Trainer Name Discussion!

Post your trainer name here :wink:.

@mew1 and I just switched

My trainer name is BossLapras333.


It’s 33 not 333 right?

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No, I changed it because someone is trying to delete my account


:sweat_smile: what is your trainer name?


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Wow what does fifa mean and lol we are ultra friends right?

I don’t know why… I just picked it

:grin: Right on my dude

How could that be possible?

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I gave someone my log in, it was my dad, he plays, not sure if he is doing it but soneone is

Ouch!!! Perhaps you could chance your login ID already, I mean if you made your account with a Google ID, then you can temporarily link a Facebook account then unlink your current ID and Link a new one (New GMail account for example)


I have trainer club, I think I am fine now.

Good to hear that. I have created PTC account also, at least you have 3 point of login, don’t know about the Niantic Kid for now :grin:


There isn’t really a point unless you are that kind of parent.

I am already one, but I will not used those, so as to avoid from restriction. I have the foresight that my child will be adult years from now, as long as PoGo is still alive, it would be beneficial to have account different from those kids set :grinning:


Do your kids play?

50% :grin:

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One of them does…

They play with you?
He/she any good? What level?

My name is KingQ07
And my second account is leviplayer17(i lent my account to someone and he chhanged name :imp:)

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