Trading will probably not happen?

Do you guys think we’ll ever get trading? I just think that by gen 1s being handed out so easily atm and legendaries in research boxes and shinies left and right in community events, the value of trading is so deminished and we can assume niantic will do a gen2 and gen 3 “celebration” event for people to catch up on their dexes. I think trading won’t be part of the lifetime of the game, thoughts?

I don’t know like Im still so looking forward to it if its ever a thing D:


Seems like they on the crack down on spoofing and iv and maps first. Then quests and maybe more single player game play.

Then maybe PVP. Leading to Trading.

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Seems like a pointless feature to me, especially for tenured players. What do people have that I would want to trade for?
I guess Shinies, Unowns & Regionals but to be honest, the ones of those that I’ve got are my most prized possessions because I earned them. Getting one thru trade would extremely devalue them to me. One of the fun things about those type of ‘mons is the story of how, where, when you caught them. For some reason ‘I got my Mr. Mime from some dude at Starbucks’ doesn’t quite have the same pizazz as ‘I found a Heracross on the beach in Aruba’.
I don’t think people think this through all the way.
For example, I hear people at raids say they want to ‘stock up on Legendaries so when trading comes, they can trade them to newer players who don’t have them’.
I always chuckle at this and ask them ‘what do you think a newer player has that you would want back in that trade?’
Every single time it’s followed by long silence, then a quiet ‘oh…’.


I would make a new account an trade myself.


I feel like with trading it would be hard to have it fair. For example, someone might use two acounts to do a raid and if one catches it, they just put it to the one they want. Also is someone you know that is good stops playing, then they could just give you all thier good pokemons

Restricted trading could be an option, making 1st Gen available first but with some limitations.

To prevent those issues, just make it so that the traded Pokemon cant exceed your power-up level (your level + 2)

I don’t think we’ll ever get trading, there’s just too many variables

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We won’t get it as what happened if you transfer something higher than th max cp of the mom at your level and Niantic would loose money

Or, even simpler, Pokémon of a higher level than the account they are traded to, get their level and stats lowered to the level of the account, withouot the “plus one and a half level” bit.
So, sure, you can trade that Perfect IV Groudon to your lvl 5 account. Good luck finding enough candy to actually make use of it .

This would also mean that a maxed Pokémon traded between accounts of the same level would loose a level and a half. I don’t think that would be a bad thing.

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Niantic could limit trading so that you can only trade once per week. Legendaries, mythicals, and Pokémon higher than trainer limit cannot be traded. If trading does come, maybe they could make a quest around it

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Thats pretty harsh @ once a week.

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Legendaries are one of the main reasons people want trading, why not allow them?

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But then everyone is pretty much spoofing Niantic does not get as much money which is what to them it is all about if you think about it as less people are buying coins

Or maybe as a Special Research Task for Celebi?

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Everyone is definetly not spoofing

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They will trade it for money I guess. (They=spoofers)

I do hope no trade feature. But I believe Niantic will have some heavy reasearch about this feature.

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How will that be a problem, if somebody spends money on them its his own stupidity

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I don’t think that there will be a trading option. You know, if someone is level, for example, 40, and then stop playing, then, they could trade their Mewtwo’s for your Rattata. Also, some people hate certain pokemon that other people love, and will charge a fortune in pokemon for that pokemon. In all, I think that it’s way too cheap.

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Maybe you could only trade Pokémon of comparable cp? I know that you could still trade a 0% rhydon for a 100% dragonite but the rhydon could still be useful. You should also only be able to trade locally and you can’t just trade between two different countries

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