Trading - Will It Break The Game?

Your opinions on whether trading will break Pokemon Go in its current form?

I personally believe that trading will help the game substantially, allowing people finally to finish the Pokedex without having to be able to travel the world. It will allow people to get legendaries or event Pokemon (Delibird?) That they missed


IMO it’ll ruin the game. Would be nice if you need to trade Pokémon from the same rarity, so not for example an Unown for a Pidgey.

Personally I think I’m not going to use it that much, I guess I only gonna use it to get Absol/Mewtwo/regionals, the Pokémon I’ll never get otherwise.


To each their own. If your gonna trade Mewtwo for a pidgey so be it.

I think it will bring a higher cost and demand for pokemon. Maybe even making it so you “pay” some cash + a pokemon for a good one.

"want my mewtwo? pay me $50 and you. an trade me whatever"
i alrdy have a couple people who want my account, let alone they would pay for a single pokemon.


Maybe we need something like an ingame-value for each pokemon.

And when you use the trade system, you have to offer something in a short range of the same value.

This can be: 1x100 for 10x10, or 1x100 for 1x95…

If the pidgey, for example, is very low, you have to give a lot of them. But this is not so bad, because the one who get them, can change them in candies, or make a big evolution strike to get a lot of XP


exactly that. agreed with almost everything


Why would it ruin the game?
BTW its already announces you can only trade with players near you so its for trading with your friends?


I don’t think it’s a good idea. Pokemon Go is about catching all the Pokemon you can, whereas the main series games were about completing set goals and finishing the game. I just don’t think trading fits with the current mechanics of Pokemon Go and well need to be heavily monitored for people not to abuse it.

Maybe introduce something along the lines of “Only being able to trade unevolved Pokemon” e.g. being able to trade someone a Larvitar instead of Tyranitar. Just a thought.


I don’t think it’ll break the game but I can see situations where it could “make the rich richer”. Players with multiple accounts could trade their high IV Pokemon into one main account, with possibilities of teams of 100% IV Pokemon. But then again, you can’t “win” this game and there’s no endpoint so if people want to do it, by all means. Personally, I wouldn’t trade for anything I didn’t already have. If someone has a regional that I don’t have, I wouldn’t trade for it. If I never make it to the area where it spawns, then I won’t have it in my Pokedex.


Same for spoofers I guess. If Niantic implements Trading before they ban al the spoofers permanently (if Niantic plans to do that tho), the spoofers just trade al their good mons to their second account, I guess, for exemple.

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I’m only planning on trading with my son so he can get Corsala and Farfetched. Other than that, ill trade Tauros to someone for Mr. Mime or Kangastahn.

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Here’s an idea: you can only trade for Pokémon within 500 CP of each other. So, maybe not a 2400 Mewtwo for a 200 Pidgey, but you could do a 2400 Mewtwo for, say, a 2050 Nidoking.

It gives you reasonable freedom, but not too much. A GTS would be interesting too.


Wonder Trading!!!


That lets you build it up
Have a secondary account with just a 10CP Pidgey and a main spoofing account with a 510CP, 1050CP, 1550CP, 2050CP, 2550CP, and 3050CP Mon, and voila, you can transfer the Mewtwo to a level 1 account

What would partially stop that would be a limitation on a trainer level (so that you can only recieve mons on level you can power up to, so a level 37 player can get a level 39 Mewtwo but not a level 40 one)


This is the worst update for ptc accounts ptc accounts cant trade or have Friends!

link to google, (or facebook) then I think it should work.

that is not his problem. @Kevin260709 has a PTC account and is under the age of 13.

PTC + young age = no sponsored stops & no friends or trading.

I hope Niantic changes it, many players are getting shafted this way


They should add a parental consent option

Ptc child accounts can not be linked to google or fb…sadly…

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Maybe you could re-install the app? I know you have to say your age again, but I don’t know if you still have your progress so far.

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