Trading to be developed more

Friends list should contain SORT
New added,
Old friends,
Less Friendship,
Low friendship
So that we won’t scroll everytime and search

And Traded Pokemons aren’t able to trade Again ITS very sad
Pls make it trade Pokemon can be traded like this
Shiny or legendary 30 days we should wait for re trade
Regional 20days for re trade
Normal 10days for re trade


Niantic will add many things to trading, they said get ready for some exciting changes in in-game news a few weeks ago when trading came out.

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We already have a topic of this, and we came to a verdict, we need a FILTRATION system NIANTIC!

Yes, we need that search function. Tired of scrolling, my phones slow(iphone5s)

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A role feature will be cool because it would improve the game for many people who want to play, but can not because the phone is too old.

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Yes, you are right.