Trading - the maximum cost

If it stacks, then trading a shiny ho-oh to someone who has not registered ho-oh for a shiny lugia and you have not had lugia at the low friend level. Imagine if it was like 70 million stardust or something insane like that

Thats just dumb af. No trade should be over 80K dust. They best make it easy to do or this function will be useless…trading was a main function in the real game. I find the cost to high…let the cheaters abuse it, just dont make it ridiculous for everyone else.

70mil for a ho oh? i best get a real ho…oh

We saw that 1million stardust count. It would be possible to lower this by updating friendship

Hoping that was just for ‚Äúshow‚ÄĚ

I genuinely think with legendary with someone who is lowest level friend that is what it will be.

I say lower the cost and careless about people abusing trade. With these prices ill never trade anyone. ill rather power up my own mons than spend on a mon that i wont even have candy for or dust. Feels like i’m being ripped off…good thing i dont need to trade.

I would say there is no point in trading 1 million stardust for legendaries. But I can see the 40k for a really rare legendary, shiny etc.

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2 guys in our city tested a mewtwo for a mewtwo… 20k stardust and thats just on the first level of friendship. So its not that bad.

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