Trading - Looking for trade any Larvitar for perhaps a Magicarp? (or something else)

I have not caught any Larvitar yet. But Magikarps are plenty in my place.

Who wants to trade me an Larvitar?

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Funny I guess

Larvitar are said to be rare. But I guess it depends on where you live. In my place I see certain pokemon a lot, others hardly. So anyone who sees Larvitars a lot it might be no problem to trade me an low % (carcy IV) Larvitar. \ ^_^) //. Larvitar Will become my buddy…

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  1. Cant trade Pokemon with someone further than 100m away
  2. A Larvitar is still a Larvitar and a Magikarp is still a magikarp
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Junk Larvitar for Big Magikarp is a reasonable trade if someone needs the numbers for Fisherman Medal. You could add Tiny Rats to that also.



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Fair enough

Try to search in Sunny and partly cloudy weather.

where do you live in the world , i will trade you if you are in or around ny

Ow, did not know about the maximum trade distance between players. It’s 100 meters. Thanks for advice. Looking for green Dutch larvitar then . =)

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Where do you live?

Just say country.

The Netherlands. I am sorry. I did not take into account (didn’t know) there was a distance factor for trading. I thought , since the game is online, why not just trade…

I found someone to trade me an larvitar. It’s more about the cost now. for new friends it costs both sides 15K dust. That is a lot! I have to wait for online friendship level to increase way more.

Thank you all for helping out.