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Trading - Looking for a Farfetch'd

I need a Farfetch’d to win a bet. Willing to trade a Tauros. Regional variant for regional variant. Good deal? I literally only made an account for this, so just comment, unless it’s possible to privately message me. I’ll give my friend code then and then said trade can happen, thanks in advance.

Just hatch some 7 km eggs. It will probably be easier to get one that way this month. You also have to be right near someone to trade with them.


Is it the 7K eggs from stops or gifts that the Regionals are in

You can only get them from gifts.

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I thought it 7k’s hatched the pokemon that was respective to your area, along with Alolan variants.

Nope, I hatched a tauros from a 7km egg that came from an Australian pokestop as in the following:

alsmost 90 days since trading / friends released and people stíll don’t know you have to be within 100 meters from eachother to trade?
Asking for a trade on a forum (with or without mentioning where you live) = not gonna happen


I only trade with my son and people I do raids with.


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