Trading Legendaries

Me and my girlfriend have done about 40 raids between us. I have 2 Zapdos, 1 Articuno, 1Moltres and 1 Lugia. She has 1 Moltres. Do you guys reckon when trading drops legendaries would be included as it looks like she won’t be able to get the pokedex additions

No one knows exactly how trading will work, but I don’t see why they would bar legendaries from being traded.

I think trading is a way off and if they start it will be limited to certain Mon, just to ensure it works. Was too many cheats around stil who’d transfer from cheat to non cheat account, so i think until they cut down on those we’ll be waiting. Not in 2017 IMO.

I think they will have to limit the trades in some way. So many spoofers and people with multiple accounts. Maybe have a trade pass or something that drops on your seventh day pokestop spin streak…I’ve begun throwing away evolution items already…I have two of all of them, and other than scizor they aren’t real useful.

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Thanks guys. I reckon trading is the least of their concerns but I realise they have to limit it. With legendaries, maybe put them in tiers so you can’t trade a pidgey for an articuno? Just hope she can get them from trading as we have maybe one more opportunity to get 3 more legendaries

I could see trading being banned for under 16 yr olds. I dunno. But if spinning a stop by a Starbucks or sprint is too mature for them then I can’t see Niantic allowing kids to get ripped off. This will create an unintentional rage rift with pokeparents…

This is just my prediction.


You do realize that if they’re smart enough to find out IV’s and find out best movesets. They should be able to find out whether it’s a good deal. Also predators could use trading as an advantage unless the kids who are playing are street smart. I don’t know why you’re talking about kids getting ripped off when there are worse things to worry about trading. I think it should be for everyone as long as under 13 year olds don’t trade with adults they don’t know.

Hey hey hey. Guns down! I’m actually on your side. Not saying I like it, but come on. What’s with those sponsor stops?

I dunno. They’re afraid of something, I suppose, when kids can’t even spin certain stops. So, I’m just saying I can see it.

Oh also, I’m definitely salty on the concept and on your side trust me. When legends first flopped and the party sizes and hypes were highest, I was once at a lugia raid at Starbucks.

This poor boy couldn’t fight it. His mom had to battle without it while the poor kid felt, probably, completely excluded and rejected. And for no reason that makes any ####ing sense!

I’m sorry. But I’m a parent. A relatively new one. Something like that deeply ticks me off. I love this game still, but that is just a stinger right there.

Wait I haven’t heard about kids not being able to spin certain stops. I know I just hate kids being underestimated because most are actually smart if they can play this game properly.

Yup. Sponsor stops. Do not show or allow interaction if you’re under age.

That’s so bad. That’s why some people put in an older age than they really are.

Trading was part of the original game’s marketing. In theory they would sell more copies as you would either buy an additional for yourself, or make sure a friend or family member bought one, or you bought one for them. Personally that’s a little narcissistic, and I don’t think a game should ever cater to or design around a personality disorder.

Pokemon GO though has not limited what you can or cannot catch to a specific version, nor have they made your team choice effect that in any way either.

Point here being, trading is NOT a design imperative for Pokemon GO. You can (without trading) catch every pokemon available.

I know that for me personally, beyond trading pokemon that were not in your respective versions, or trading because the mechanism of trading caused an evolve or something similar, I didn’t CONTINUE to trade beyond what I HAD to. Because the trading mechanism in and of itself… was actually quite cumbersome. Additionally that trading mechanism opened doors (even in the original games) for significant ways to cheat.

(1) Really no need for it

(2) Another potential way for cheaters/spoofers to circumvent intended design