Trading in NY

I’ve got several pokemon I’d like to trade because I currently don’t have any need for them (But they’re shinies and I didn’t want to just leave them) and am in NY near the Great Lakes
I’m not sure how close I need to be to anyone else for trading, but I thought it worth a shot :slight_smile:
Pokemon I have to offer:

  • Shiny Slowking
  • Shiny Gumshoos
  • Shiny Pelipper
  • Shiny Golduck
  • Shiny Castform (Regular form)

My trainder code is: [4189 7682 2083]

100 meters, so chances are slim you’ll find someone on here. But I wish you all the luck!

Ah I see- that’s a little unfortunate lol
Thank you for the info!

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