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Trading and Lucky Trade Questions

  1. Does getting a Lucky Trade Always result to an increase of the IVs of both the Pokemon being traded?

If YES, then
2) Does this could result to a Perfect IV if the traded Pokemon already had a high IV like 97, 95, 93, 91?

Lucky Trades are guaranteed to have IVs between 12 and 15 for all three categories.

It is not guaranteed that it will be an increase though. Say you had a 14-14-14 before the Lucky Trades. You could get a Perfect, but you could also bottom out at 12-12-12. Whenever you lucky trade, the dice rolls three times–one for each stat–and each roll could be a 12, 13, 14 or 15. This is true even if you used a Pokemon that had high stats initially.

The odds of getting a hundo from any Lucky Trade are 1 in 64 always.


Thanks for the insight Professor…

so it is really a Game of Luck after all.

Sadly no Lucky Friends Trade has given me a 100% to date where as those that traded with me have gotten 100%. It’s a little annoying that has happened on several occasions now.

It has only happened once for me, but I knew that the odds were always against it. I’m just thankful that it was a Heracross.