ToS and Scanning Devices

So there is a lot of speculation and concern regarding the ability of Niantic to look at your device to scan what apps are installed. I understand that this is less a concern for folks with iOS apparently, but I’d like to know what people’s experiences are and if there are real concerns here using something like Calcy IV.

IV calcs shouldnt be the problem, seeing how these (calcy, pokegenie) dont look into the game itself
I worry more about Go++

I believe iOS people are more confident cos other app data can’t be read as easily. On android they’ve worked out how to look at other apps, not sure if they can see app permissions or just the names of apps in the android folder.

They had a problem with people using IV checkers, if that crackdown was purely about 3rd party log ins then calcy IV is safe. If it was cos it checked the IV, regardless of method, then I wouldn’t put it past them to try and blacklist screen capture IV checkers

If it was because it checks IV then they can really go fudge themselves, what a dumb idea to penalize people wanting to know the IVs

It is the 3rd party software that logs into the account and pulls the actual IV, not the ones that go from screencaps

Well the one that go by screentracks are practically impossible to find without looking at the list of your apps and games