Top 5 Community Days

Since we have had 5. Lets figure out the order of popularity.

January The very First. Pikachu our mascot of Pokemon.

February The loveable meta Dragon. Dratini with it’s evolutions Dragonair and the beast Dragonite.

March the first Grass pokemon to take our hearts, Bulbasaur. With it two fierce evolutions and epic Frenzy plant.

April taught us every Pokemon has a move that can shake up Pokemon Go, with Marrep and it’s evolutions and devasting Dragon Pulse

Last but no LEAST. MAY!, our beloved Charmander was not left in the rain this month! With Blast Burn blazing throu as Charizard is no doubt now more relavent

Now GO HUB. What was Your favorite. All months came with more than just a Pokemon keep in mind the extra add ons of that month. Lets Go!

  • January Pikachu
  • February Dratini
  • March Bulbasuar
  • April Mareep
  • May Charmander

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