Too much Nofications

I recently downloaded the new Update,but really,we got SO MANY Nofications.Nofications:
Your Pokémon needs a treat.
Your Pokémon returns.
Buddy Nofications.
Raid egg Nofications.
Someone opened your gift.
Someone recived items from your gift.
Someone sent you a friend request.
Someone accepted your friend request.
Friendship level increased.
Everytime you re-open your app,you get all the Nofications again

  • I hate it
  • I love it

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It really sucks imo

The friend requests get me, you cant even just slide it up to vanish


I voted my mistake!! I hate the things and wish i could disable them properly


I agree, you should be able to choose which notifications you want displayed, just like you can do with push notifications.

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Click on hide results and you could re-vote.

Doesn’t bother me none.

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I like that i know what happens and when pokemons are under attack
You can customize what notifications you get BTW, i turned all on

The new notification system seems to cause a lot of bugs either…

It would be nice to be able to choose what you want as a notification.

There is. Go to settings and you can choose.

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That’s only for push notifications. That’s when the app is closed.


These are my settings right now and I keep on getting messages in game.


I want that raid notifications turned off. Get nuts of that oversized pop-up. But that is not (yet) an option.

I don’t really have an opinion, they don’t “ruin” the game. But I do like knowing all those notifications that @Kevin260709 mentioned.


A jet option😛


One workaround could be to put a status/message line at the bottom of the display that’s dedicated to them. Or the original motif, which just put a red dot on the edge of your trainer+buddy icon in the lower-left, making it possible to decide when you’re ready to look at the notification(s). Or make it a config option to use that or the overlay popups.

If skipping or delaying the notifications isn’t going to be an option, when the game starts just block the whole screen and show a list of the dozens of notifications the user can scroll and/or dismiss. Don’t taunt the user by having the game happening when the continual stream of popups precludes play (which block the CP value in the pokemon details screen and block the count/capacity when looking at pokemon storage or item bag).

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I agree :cowboy_hat_face:

it’s even worse now. I am seeing raids friend requests and when friends recieve gifts.i have no idea why im still seeing friend requests. No option to hide raids. This is a must update.
The settings do NOTHING.

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