Too Much Dust Cost

–to level Pokemon.

I’m level 30 and, right now, I have an extreme shortage of dust. I’m sure that I’m not the only one in this boat and that’s largely fine, but this affects one key area: the Pokemon that you intend to evolve.

As-is, even with the recent buff, catching a Pokemon that’s less than 75% leveled is an instant trip to the dog meat factory.

Nobody even looks at the quality if it’s half, or less and nobody would feel bad if they had transferred-out a 100% Pokemon of any kind at that level (super desirable ones excluded).

I made the mistake of leveling-up a bunch of Pokemon instead of saving all of my dust during < 30 levels and now, I have only 3 maxed-out for my level.

This is unfortunate, considering I have space for 400 of them.

This recent change has allowed me to capture some at full health, which is great, but why should the difference between those and any others be literally a month’s worth of dust?

I think that the cost for leveling at high levels is fine, but at the beginning is way too much. I suggest cutting it down to 1/10th the amount and gradually work its way up to current levels towards the end.


Just focus on one mon at a time. Dont spend dust unless the mon is over 80 %. With this new system that boosts the cp of some Pokemon during certain weather’s you should be able to get a chance to catch some with high cp. That way save up on dust.

It is already this way. Towards level 40 the stardust cost follows a steep upward curve. At the same time the cp of your Pokémon only increases at less than half the rate it did before level 30.
The amount of stardust required to power up goes like this:
Lvl5: 600
Lvl10: 1000
Lvl15: 1900
Lvl20: 2500
Lvl25: 4000
Lvl30: 5000
Lvl35: 8000
Lvl40: 10000

Powering up a Pokémon you hatch (at lvl20) to lvl 30 costs 75k stardust. Then from 30 to 35 costs 62k, and from 35 to 40 88k, resulting in 150k total from 30 to 40. This means lvl30 to 40 double the cost at half the increase in cp compared to lvl 20 to 30.

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Then just save dust for the 100IV/best legendaries?
Dont power-up everything to the max

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I began only powering to level 30 because the next 10 truly don’t add much. Raiding you only worry about getting enough trainers to help and pvp doesn’t exist. Gyms are pretty joke’ish(?) and you only need wait a day or so and most all will deteriorate to easy take down levels. Level 30 is perfectly fine for most means and purposes.

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Heres a useful cheat sheet i use.


Its even higher :sweat: