Too many items!

Hi everyone!
I think there are many Trainers who would love to have more storage for their items. Since the new patch is coming out , with new items, that would mean full storage,i mean, im always full and it is hard to sell my items to get new ones ( cause i cant decide what to sell). Is there any chance of adding free storage for trainers? Someone cant really afford to buy expansion for their storage, so i have an idea, that-
if you subscribe or do something for Pokemon Go or Niantic you should get 50 extra storage room( at least) for your items.Or just do something else and we can get it. It would help out!!!

It’s possible bag upgrades may have a sale with the new update. Also possible that items given to you via raid rewards can exceed your bag limit (like level-up rewards).

I’m sure you’re aware but outside of the ice and fire event where catch bonus are multiplied, nanab berries are pretty useless. I’d recommend trashing them to make room for other items. As for an increase in storage, I think bag upgrade will be on sale for a week when the re work goes live, similar to how Pokemon storage was 50% off with the release of Gen 2.

that sounds awesome, thank you guys

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Nanab berrys are also berrys so they might be used to restore motivation for Pokemon in Gyms. It may also be the case that you can feed berrys to other pokemon than your own in your teams gyms.


Thanks, I was unaware of this.

If you catch enough mon, you will notice that certain mon are more “susceptible” to nanab berry effect than others, meaning, the probability of catch increases. I think this is a hidden mechanic.

For example, sometimes it is easier to capture Murkrow with a regular pokeball + nanab, than using great ball + razz. Try it, and you’ll see what I mean.

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I’m worried about this too. Im also worried about no more collect button. I mean it’s just gone. And no real information is given about how we’re gonna make out bread.

Fun fact. Each individual gym has a tier ranked badge you can get. I’m guessing this would be the incentive to battle a friendly, since friendly esteem grinding is dead (all 6 toss in slots are immediately open upon conquest). Also I’d bet money, real money right now, that to get a legendary, you build a fort up to the too badge then raid your team’s bird.

Straight up.

@Leondtrix If you would have read the ton of information publioshed on POGoHUB it says clearly that pokemon will return from GYMS once the motivation meter is to zero after being beaten or when the raid boss appares. At that point thei will bring back coins related to the duration they defended the gym and how long they have been assigned to it. Also this will be capped to 100 coins a day. That is why you do not see the collect button.


I wish they would do a sale on backpack storage. Going to need berry storage.

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I have received 16 Coins for 15 hours.

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I thought about doing an item storage upgrade, but after 1 day of the new gym system, why bother? I’m going to be using my potions and berries a lot faster now. No more discarding Nanab berries. They actually have a purpose now! I’m going to miss not getting 100 coins a day, but I don’t care. The new gym system seems a lot more fun. No more stagnant Level 10 gyms.


yes no more of that :smiley: but the max coin claim/day is just 50 now, but i think this is better than 1coin/hour/pokemon-max 100/day .
but for me it harder to defeat 1 gym now, and spoofers are capturing every gym in my town :frowning:

@pikasaur, that’s true, it calms them down, the excitable ones that move about a lot, ( it even says so next to the berry ).