Togekiss’ Max CP too high?

Togekisses Max CP speculation seems over done in my opinion. I’m sure it’ll still be a decent Fairy Type in the meta, but 3171 from Togetic’s max of 1538? Really?

Thats not speculations, its a calculation. Its going to be that high.


It’s all calculated mathematically, so yes it should be correct unless they decide to nerf it which would be very strange.

That’s very less …Togekiss cp Should be atleast 3500cp👿…As am having 2 1450 Togetics 100iv …


togekiss is bad ass. it will depend on its move pool, but if it is introduced with a fairy fast move… Unstoppable

Dialga says hi


until then haha. don’t see dialog being released near the beginning of gen 4, but then again it won’t be in the gyms youre battling so its cool.

Togekiss should have high CP as it will be exceptionally rare.

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And Magikarp amd Gyarados :stuck_out_tongue:
Isnt that also a big diffrence

I don’t believe it’s too high.

  • Too high
  • Not too high

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It’s safe to assume it will be 100 Candies to evolve?

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Togekiss Cp should be as high as Tyranitar

Any reason why?

Why should it be as high as Tyranitar? Togekiss isnt a pseudo-legendary for god’s sake

I don’t see a problem with the CP, it is high enough to be relevant but not OP.

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No…I want it as high as Tyranitar :face_with_thermometer: pls

Credit to Bulbapedia


Togekiss has worse stats in the main games so it most likely would not outclass tyranitar. Should still be a good attacker.

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