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So happy this is coming, no big update but it is QOL and something that will help many people!


  • New page next to field and special research (the same button to get to)

  • Shows current events with their bonuses(will come in the future), pokemon currently in gyms, upcoming events, and your daily streaks (with a progress bar)


It’s a nice quality of life update for sure.


This is not content though, but QoL. And a very nice QoL upgrade aswell. The streak-info is kinda meh, but the rest is very cool.

If it’s 23.50 at night and you can see that you have 6-day-strike going in the trash… I would be able to run outside to finish a fast Pokestop visit… a meh?

if you haven’t done a single thing in the game by 23.50 o’clock you don’t deserve a streak IMHO.
Most important, if you can log in to look at your progress on streaks then you can also keep them up. and yes this goes for spinning a stop aswell even if you don’t live on one.

Haven’t spun a stop/gym or didn’t even catch 1 single pokemon? I don’t need a feature to help me remind that, i just know if i played that day, it’s called memory and this is not too hard. So yes, i think this is meh.

the rest is great though

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This article is way too short to deserve a “TL:DR” designation.

But the announcement is premature. It’s not a new feature, it’s a planned feature. And the announcement doesn’t even indicate when the planned release is.

You know, I think being able to look up the streaks can come in handy…
We now have 3x stardust for the first catch of the day. Combine this with the 7 day streak and a starpiece…
I have seen people getting up to 25k stardust like this. Though, this is extremely hard to get since you need the right Pokémon to catch, half the amount is more realistic, but is still worth it if you can find out within some seconds whether to start a starpiece or not.

I don’t know about others, but I myself can never remember when my 7 day streaks are (since catch and spin are different…and I don’t even know why, because I can’t remember ever skipping a day…:thinking:)

And yes, of course I wouldn’t do this at 23:50… rather at 0:10 :wink:


Finally a decent in-game event tracker?


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