Tobias Conspiracy

Hey guys,we all know about tobias and his excellence in the sinnoh.
In the original anime the guy reached the finals with his freaking darkrai and only in the finals with ash that he used his second pokemon Latios.
What do you guys think about the rest of his squad??
Any ideas?..
if you were to fill in the gaps which pokemon would you choose from sinnoh??

prob also had mega charizard before its time.

A arceus. Metal mewtwo, celebi, some other legendary idk about. and even a 7th Pokemon. He is gameshark in the anime.


i always wondered if cynthia ever had to duel with tobiasūü§ź‚Ķ

I am pretty sure only someone else with legendaries can even come close to beating him.

Only reason ash got to the 2nd pokemon is because…well it’s Ash’s show.

Only a few trainers have legendaries. Most are champions who dont lose, or even have to battle other toptier trainers, they have gotten to a postion of higher status.

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well i saw a theory where Tobias’s pokemon are being featured in the theme of the anime…
first darkrai,then latios,entei i dont remember the rest…
well it made pretty good sense then…
But i should say people miss the guy…

Here you go;
Alot of theories.

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thanks mate!:heart_eyes:

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wouldnt be surprised he had Mewtwo, from the movie.

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whats interesting is that,how on earth did he caught em all using normal pokeballsūüėā

Well for us Go trainers who use premier balls, i learnt they are just Pokeballs recolored. Do they even use great and ultra balls in anime?

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thats correct…
but i ve seen ultraballs in pokemon origins episodes featuring red…

Supposedly there was another trainer in the Sinnoh league who had a Heatran. Making it as far as we know 3 legendaries in that particular league. Also even though it has nothing to do with Tobias or the Sinnoh league nurse joy had a Latias in an episode where she’s inspecting Pweter gym

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yeah… thats right…
i had forgotten those…
long time pokemonism…

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A mega darkrai, an Alolan form darkrai.
Honestly he probably had a bidof, caterpie and Weedle as 4,5 and 6 with Missingno as his number 3. :crazy_face::crazy_face:


He had Rusty’s God bidof. Which makes Arceus look like nothing.

Thank God, he didnt have to use it or the anime would implode :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


he had 3 missingno and 2 unown ( letters U and F) he was also carrying about 6-10 pokemon. He was autowin.

Gameshark for days. After losing one Pokémon to Ash he went to other leagues with a untouchable metapod never losing to anyone or taking a hit

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tbh there should more trainers like him who actually chase and caught legendaries.

Espcially the older trainers who been champions and won previous tournaments.

Cant tell me there arent trainers above elite 4 who are in a cave somewhere doing some heavy training that makes Ash and Red look like nothing


well no one knows what exactly happend to red…
maybe he is training too!!!

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Correction they are WORSE recolered Pokeballs.