To many eggs for bag

Now that we get gifts from trainers, we get eggs. When we have to many eggs already we can’t claim the gift.

Niantic needs to let us expand the bag for eggs. Atleast 20 eggs


i agree with a needed fix for the alolan eggs but having space for 20 eggs doesn’t solve a thing. Just spin a few stops and your back at square one: full egg inventory.

1 dedicated slot where you can get friend eggs? got 1, hatch it, get next?

other solution, juist time your present openeing and once full just open the rest? I’m currently walking 5 eggs, when hatched i’ll open some gifts and repeat


Nothing is stopping you from opening gifts. You just dont have a chance at getting an egg from it.

I also dont think bigger bagspace would solve the issue. Either what @Punica says, or else the option to remove eggs from your bag.


They should add alolan egg slots, for 5 new alola eggs


I think a “Transfer Egg” button would be OK. I ran out of non-infinite incubators and am stuck with nine 2K eggs.:roll_eyes:

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I don’t see a need to worry. As long as you have a pool of friends sending gifts it is not s big deal.

20 slots does nothing to fix the issue. If you want onky Alolan eggs then hatch an egg and receive a gift. It’s all about management and making sure to receive gifts after you hatch before you spin stops.

Has anybody hatched any of the eggs from the gifts so far if so what did you get please post picture

You can hatch the Alolan variants of Sandshrew, Vulpix, meowth, and grimer I believe

You can see on the main news page of go hub

So no golem

Timing is everything. An option to discard eggs should be implemented, but I have been holding gifts until I have a slot. I wish they would give an incubator at stops weekly again, at least to help.

i wait to open my gifts until after an egg is hatched on days i know i wont hatch the egg i will just open the gifts, so check how much more walking you need to hatch your eggs before you open gifts. but a few more egg slots dedicated just for Alolan eggs would be great

I hatched a sandshrew and evolved it to a sandslash, but my normal activity keeps my egg bag full of normal eggs, (sigh).

Why would you farm alolan eggs?

Probably hunting for Vulpix


Ok thas true

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I just wait till I hatch an egg open the gift get an egg put it in the incubator and then hit my stops and repeat that process

without being able to throw away eggs i am hording 8 babies that wont be born. I wont pay for incubation and i only hatch alolan. This needs to be fixed to atleast be able to give them to adoption.

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