To join team rocket at level 40

To make it interesting if you were able to join team rocket rewards for joining them should be 50% less stardust and xp per catch… Maybe…

And what wound the perks be for joining them???

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why join team rocket if your decreasing items gained. More like join Team rocket and be on a new team The black team. I would then join Team Rocket

how about you try to invade your cities\towns gyms.

I’ve always thought that teams should be entitled to some positive bonus like:

Mystic: 50% Stardust for ice/water captures
Valour: 50% XP and 5% Stardust for fire captures
Instinct: 25% Stardust for electric captures and 5% XP from raids

I would much rather be Team Rocket instead of Mystic.

i want to join Team Black. i mean Team rocket and have giovanni apraise my mon or jesse and james and meoth or all 4 rotation that would be impressive.

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For Mystic’s “Wonder” appraisal: James: “Oh, look, Jessie, this one can bring in some dough!” Then meowth pops up and adds: “Dat one is even better than the twerp’s Pikachu!”.

For Mystic’s “Not likely”: Jessie: “Oh, please, get this ____ out of my sight! It’s certainly pathetic…” Wobaffet pops up and does its battlecry.

Team Rocket’s gyms would be black + red. They can only put in pokemon like Zubat, crobat, raticate, etc. but their CP is boosted by 2000 automatically. Team rocket can “Steal” coins from attacking trainer for each of the attackers pokemon that is knocked out. LIMIT: 30 stolen coins per day. However, all pokemon except for traditional pokemon used by team rocket are automatically transferred(including all legendaries except mewtwo, who was created by Giovanni). All players who are suspected spoofers/cheaters automatically put into Team Rocket, and this is the only way to join.


I think you should be able to choose if you want to be on Team Rocket or not

Just a normal team will do… Add this Black Team asap!

Giovanni appraising teams would be awesome
Jessie and James… rather no
I think that rocket could be introduced for the quests (imagine fighting Giovanni’s Dugtrio, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Rhyperior, and Mega Mewtwo X/Y)

I really want this 4th team. Maybe even pay 200 coins to change to any team!

Wouldn’t mind changing my team every month.

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Team rocket is finally being incorporated into the game in two ways

What are the chances of a full team rocket gym then

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