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This looks like one of the biggest events ever. Hopefully the spawns are really diverse for each region (20+ pokemon spawning about evenly would be a lot better than 4 or 5), but other than that there is so many rewards, and so much to do…


I have to say, this is pretty insane!


I am gassed to get started on this, roll on Friday!!

Not a bad time for Niantic to have another of their periodic ‘catch up’ events, giving players a chance to get a Legendary that entered the game before the player had a chance to get any. Players who already raided a Legendary a bunch of times at level 20 or 25 are likely to be less interested in a level 15 research-reward that starts out 10 or 20 power-ups weaker.

My main interest in this event is the rare candy bonus for completing the research tasks and the candy / stardust bonus for catching the Legendary. The remote chance of a new shiny adds some appeal, as does the double-stardust bonus in week 2.

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The new moves for Groudon and Cresselia are potentially insane for Master and Ultra league respectively. Got a hundo Groudon who might be the first to enjoy an elite TM on my account.

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Fire punch Groudon would be good? What about STAB?

FP is a MUST on Groudon now, just like EQ, it actually makes it a great pick in ML rather than being very niche, Don was way too slow and shields would tear it apart, now it can bait as well as finish stuff off quicker

Cresselia got a nice boost, not really a must have but it does help it in some matchups

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Not to mention, if we’re able to Mega Evolve Groudon via Primal Reversion, it will gain STAB with Fire Punch.


I finished the Kanto part this morning.

It seems now we are back to the time when only gen 1 Pokémon were available


Yeah, it almost feels like we’re back in 2016 again. :sweat_smile:


Hasn’t Altered Forme Giratina already had 3 turns as Tier-5 boss (the last 2 with shiny chance)? Now it gets a FOURTH turn, before Origin Forme has its 2nd turn (or shiny debut)?

Mmmmmm, naw. Not worth paying for another repeat.

The general suspision is that Origin forme shiny will return together with Palkia and Dialga for a summer fest or something, since its going to be a populair one. Gotta think about those dollars. Wich is understandable, but annoying for us.

Maybe they should bring back Virizion and Cobalion yet again? Oh, wait, they already have… :smirk::roll_eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You have a good point. In the same spirit of graciousness (i.e. in their defense), it’s amazing enough that they threw together remote raiding and longer-distance spinning in a short time for this global, massively-multi-user game, I shouldn’t gripe that they aren’t continuing their event calendar at normal pace, as if there were no viral interference.

Johto started early. Finished first 3 stages.

I wouldnt finish it before the original start time. Ho-oh doesnt get Earthquake yet.


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