Thoughts: Which Pokemon generation do you like the most?

Which generation do you like the most?

    1. Gen I
    1. Gen II
    1. Gen III
    1. Gen IV
    1. Gen V
    1. Gen VI
    1. Gen VII
    1. I don’t know

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Note: the last option is 'I don’t know’
I’m not going to close the poll this time.

Your choice may refer to Pokemon main series of games.
(Pokemon Red, Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Ruby etc.)

Johto = life
Seriously it was a really close match up with hoenn or johto but johto takes it because of ampharos tbh lol

Ampharos? @JoshHack is going to vote for Rayquaza.

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Always. Always. Always. Let’s just leave it at that.

Top 10 Pokemon
1 dragonite
2 ampharos
3 breloom
4 ninjask
5 latias
6 wailord
7 walrein
8 espeon
9 scizor
10 raichu (alola)
But I don’t overly like the rest of GEN 1
And I like generally GEN 2 more than GEN 3 also autocorrect pls stop capitalising the word GEN lol
How I worked out my favourite pokes

You don’t know anything about gen 4 to gen 6?

Descriptions of every gen:
Gen 1: The original gen
Gen 2: Advanced version of gen 1
Gen 3: Completely new generation to Pokemon
Gen 4: Remixes of previous gens
Gen 5: The largest gen in Pokemon history
Gen 6: Maga evolutions
Gen 7: Z-moves

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I do I just don’t like any Pokemon in particular. Noivern is cool as is goodra and I like lycanroc. Serperior is my 11th favourite pokemon

Wow what do you guys like about gen 3? So many of you guys have chosen gen 3.

The first time I started in touch with Pokemon series was gen 3 anime. I’d found it interesting then I started my ‘Pokemon journey’. If not gen 3, I may not be here now.

If @JoshHack votes for Rayquaza, will @ElectroBlade vote for Metagross (gen 3) and @1korbendallas2 vote for gen 2?

The first two games I ever got were leafgreen and emerald, and I played them for over 1,000 hours combined somehow. Although generation four has all of my favorite Pokémon, gen 3 will always have a special place in my heart.

My favorite are pokemon Gold, Pokemon Sun and moon.