Thoughts on this New T Shirt?

I personally think this couldve been done a bit better. If they were trying to promote awareness they could have at least made the shirt special in some way. While worn you get an increase in spawns or xp …anything would’ve been better than forcing this crappy shirt.

Better than nothing I suppose. Wish they would add a regular ball cap tho…no ash hat yet?

Yea your probably right… i was feeling a bit salty about the shirt… i really want to know the thought process behind some of the things niantic does

Whole lot of salt going on, the game is so stagnant and repetitive unless your lucky enough to attend the safari. We had a event here in Akron…it was nice to jump into raids w/o wait time, but there was no increased/rare spawns so it dampened our spirits around here. Hope they work some magic soon…take care

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I agree and the problem as well is that some people don’t even know what the t shrt means and what it stands for. Niantic always seems to slip with announcing important / new things…

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