Thoughts on Go Fest 2018

I haven’t seen a forum for this topic yet, and now that tickets are out I figured now would be as good a time as any to start a discussion about it. What are your thoughts so far?

I think that it is a great idea as well as a money maker for both Niantic Inc. and the Chicago area. The only issue that concerns me is that serious players, even though they attempted to purchase tickets and were expecting that the requirement of unique user names at the time of purchase would eliminate the scalpers were dissapointed. I know several players who were not able to make the purchase. One only has to look on eBay and see what open ended sales has generated. This to me is the aspect of Go Fest 2018 that may alianate serious players who are unable to purchase tickets at 10 times the actual cost.

Hello producers of Pokémon Go. I am an avid Pokémon go player. I’m not famous or anything like that, but I do enjoy what you guys do. I see that the Pokémon Go Fest is back in Chicago and once again it’s sold out. First, thank you for keeping it in Chicago! I was the attendant for the first one and was so glad to come to my hometown to play Pokémon go! Second, for the amount of scalpers that are already ruining the event even before the festival has started, you guys really shouldn’t just go, “oh well, sorry not sorry” to your player base.

Here’s an idea for hopefully the 3rd annual Go Fest. You sell the tickets in the Pokémon Go Shop in the app. That way all players who have an active account can purchase them without having to get scalped for the tickets. That way your registered and your receipt is either apple itunes/ google play receipt. You show that along with your ticket that is in your account item section and you get in! Only that account with the name it’s under can gain access.

I think that would limit the problems that you are experiencing and make you guys more of a seeked out game to have players come back and play.


I think the idea of selling it in the shop sounds nice in theory but wouldn’t work at all if it were actually attempted for the same reason this one didn’t work (no not scalpers). The problem is that hundreds of thousands of people are trying to buy a few thousand tickets. In this year’s case the website didn’t know who to give tickets to and worked as well as it could, albeit randomly. If done in game the same problem would occur but the app likely wouldn’t be able to handle it and the app would almost undoubtedly crash. As bad as most people think the ticket sales were, it went about as well as possible.

Based on how well the ticket sale went :disappointed:, i’d like to hope Niantic would do One of 2 things. Either they release a new batch of tickets that does require your trainer name at checkout, or they release some bonus so that the people who will fly all that way still have something to do

I have no thoughts yet. I was never gonna go all the way to Chicago from Europe.
Ill just wait for news to see what players worldwide will get and then get excited about it

More American events.That i dont care about. Haven’t had 1 in canada and doubt we’ll ever be recognized. Why chicago ?who knows…from a canadian perspective that place is dangerous lol.


My only thought is I hope there’s nothing happening where I play as I expect there will be no end of game freeze ups/ crashes and login problems.

I think they’re going to Chicago as an apology to the city for the server issues (which actually weren’t really their fault, but for some reason they always get the blame). I’m glad they’re going to spread out the locations although I have noticed they are all in the northern hemisphere and in developed countries, which might exclude those in Africa and South America for the time being. Australia or New Zealand both seem likely as next locations.

Pokémon go favoured the Us

I don’t really see that, but at the same time you can’t blame them. Their highest 3 populations are the United States, Japan, and Western Europe, so of course they’re going to have more events in those places to please more people. But I would argue that Europe and Japan have gotten better treatment as their events are free.

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I was disappointed they chose Chicago again. I’m from the US, but an event in Chicago might as well be in Antarctica as far as I’m concerned

My only guess is niantic needs whatever city they pick to cooperate in some way and maybe it’s difficult to find a city willing to let them put on this event. They couldn’t do pikachu outbreak this year because Yokohama didn’t want them there again


I’m going this year with a group of trainers. I’m hoping they have learned from last year and from other events and things go smoothly. I’m personally very excited for the trip.

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I think that they could go the way minecraft did with Minecon and push it to worldwide events livestreamed online.