Thoughts on CP Adjustments

So yesterday a plethora of Pokemon among the rosters of gen 1-3 had their stats altered, for better or for worse. However I’ll only be taking into account CP. So in terms of altering previously established CP I have mixed feelings. On one hand it enabled Pokemon such as Hitmontop and Sharpedo to exceed 2,000 CP enabling them to become slightly more viable. And in addition enabled Pokemon such as Mewtwo, Machamp, Alakazam, Exeggutor, Gardevoir, Heracross, Ursaring, Scizor, Swampert, Flareon, Dragonite, Metagross, Salamence and Tyranitar who already excelled in viability to be expanded upon. And even enabled some absolutely terrible Pokemon such as Shedinja, Altaria, Marowak and Registeel to become slightly more viable. However with most that are classified as good there more often then not must be bad to factor into it to balance it out. I could take into account how they chose to execute the nerfing of Pokemon such as Rhydon or Aggron who really didn’t justify such a lackluster means of nerfing, seriously why does Aggron only lose 4 of it’s maximum CP? What is the point of that? But I’m mostly going to be acknowledging the more notable instances. Vaporeon has lost a lot as of late, ever since Waterfall was implemented it has been de-throned as the definitive best Water type attacker, and now in favor of Espeon it has been de-throned as the definitive best Eeveelution in terms of CP. I by no means possess disdain regarding Espeon or anything but still things have become brutal for such a once phenomenal Pokemon such as Vaporeon. But the absolute worst instance of this is how they chose to execute nerfing Blissey. Blissey now no longer exceeds 3,000 CP and has lost 500 maximum CP, there was an easy alternative to this, just nerf it’s established maximum HP, seriously the means in which they chose to execute nerfing Pokémon acknowledged for their viabilility, especially Blissey who was once the queen of gym defenders is just brutal. So this most primarily why I have mixed feelings of this stat re-balancing. But what do you all think of this? Please let me know, I’d love to hear your reception.


Double edged sword. I like who got boosted. Dislike blissy being nerfed the way it was.

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“big wall of text crits you for over 9000!!”

My thoughts: CP is just a number, you shouldn’t care so much.
Blissey’s 500 cp nerf has no effect when you battle it. It just takes as long as before. If anything, she got buffed as defender since she’ll drain motivation a little less fast.

all this CP stuff is based on a mathmetic formula used on the stats pokemon have in the canon games. They changed the formula to better represent the special def stat. That’s all.


I think it’s great. I focus way more on attacking gyms instead of defending them. So a lot of Pokemon I use got buffed. Ones I only use for gym defense got nerfed. Even after reset, Blissey is still just as annoying to beat.


Wnhe the CP change came, it didn’t change how CP was calculated. The formula, how HP and DEF are imported from main series was changed. DEF was first (7/8 better DEF value + 1/7 worse DEF value) and after it was (5/8 and 3/8). It had some other calculations too but you get the point. HP was originally (HP2), and now it’s (HP1,75+50) if I’m correct. This ment every Pokemons defence got lowered and most HP got buffed. (With exception of blissey, Chansey, snor and slaking).


I don’t notice any significant changes but I’m sure there will be some articles about this. Most Pokemon got buffed so…yeah. Gengar received a bit of HP but that’s about it. Have raid bosses changed aswell? Or nobody knows? Also, some people are saying that Hariyama became even worse, I don’t understand how…my maxed out 100% Hariyama still has a lot more HP than Machamp, 250 to be exact. I know it’s weaker, I’m just saying.

Wobuffet got the same HP, Bliss/Chancey got nerfed while every single Pokemon got buffed, including Snorlax and Slaking

Rhydon… Rhyhorn… nerf…


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Rhydon got a nerf…

I like this nerf for blissey she was basically a tank still is I hate it how she was able to tank a Draco meteor or close combat now she can’t unless your under level


But rypherior is in the game so you won’t notice that much


But not in HP

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Blissey got nerfed because the hp and defense is lower.

Quite sure she still tanks a Close Combat or Draco Meteor

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But it got buffed because motivation runs out faster.

Arent you getting tired? :joy:
Tbh slower decay doesnt mean that much

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Just woke up… a little groggy… but when I get pokemon lets go in an hour I will wake up lol

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My son was shattered when the mailman didn’t drop off the game. But I checked Amazon and UPS has it. Not USPS.

I get it in about 3 hours. Your son should have it by then.