Thoughts on Charizard w/ Blast Burn

So the community day move for Charizard has been confirmed as Blast Burn.

Two bar charge move, 100 damage. What are your thoughts?

Personally, I’m excited. It pushes Charizard up into a higher tier of attackers, no better than Flareon.

With a 100IV Charmander sitting in my inventory, community day can’t come quick enough!

I actually believe it is much better then flareon now.

I feel it should be. The starters deserve a high position in the meta in my opinion.

Regardless how strong charizard is buffed with this new move i am happy with shiny charizard.

Charizard being one of my favs.

IMO shiny charizard is an ugly failed creation of Team Rocket

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I guess raquaz too right?

Those are like the two most popular shinies.

Nope Rayquaza is cool

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WTf charizard looks well sick man can’t wait bro shiny blast burn charizard no matter what iv helpfully 100 iv. What is the cp fro level 31 almost 32 leavelled up 1 nearly 2 with fighting event for @00iv


Shiny Charizard is the ultimate shiny. Looks completely different and really stands out.


To be honest, a shiny is a shiny to me. No matter what.

EDIT: So I love all the shinies I get. I WANT THEM ALL!


Thats true
And i can maybe later trade my shiny charmander i maybe catch for a shiny dragonite wich i miss!

Was going to evolve my 100%, but I just read the news that morning when charmander was confirmed and didn’t

I want one. Preferably Shiny.

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