Things probably coming to Pokémon GO 2018

Some things that will probably come this year.

  • PvP

  • Bredding

  • Quests

  • Smeargle

  • Generation 4

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oh nice

And Spinda, and maybe the Nincada line and the Clamperl line
And Evolution Stones

Breeding definetly not
As for evolution stones, only Dusk, Dawn, and Shiny

Breeding sounds so dumb for this game imho.

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Don’t think we see PVP or breeding this year. Quests seem to be the big thing. I do think we see smeargle and mew and possibly celebi

We might see a teaser for gen 4 like we had babies for gen 2 and the Halloween event for gen 3…don’t think we see a full release until early next year

PvP has been confirmed for this year for some months now.

With the upcoming new AR games like JRA, HP and ghostbusters even they must release pvp, because i 'm willing to bet that all those game have pvp at launch. They can’t stay behind.

PvP will pretty much suck with this system and might only be decent for a few friendly fights
I dont see much use for it otherwise

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