They finally announced Mudkip Community Day

They changed the hours again, this time it’s 4-7 pm.


Bringing back a classic !

I “liek” it.


It would not be Mudkip Day without that classic meme.


Well i wouldnt say finally. Its still more than 3 weeks away.

The time change is suprising considering the complaints ive seen to the time at Raikou day. It makes sense for the countrys where its hot as hell at the moment. For the ones that are cold now… not so much.

Niantic seems to go by the principle “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”. The dumb thing about this is that they dont have to if they just put a bit more effort into their work…


They’re usually rather prompt to announce the next Community Day, usually the week after the last one. That was two-and-a-half weeks ago. It wasn’t like I was worried, and I had a good guess what it would be based on the patterns; it was just they took their dang time announcing it.

I am wondering if they will announce August Community Day very soon as well, since it’s only 13 days after Mudkip Community Day. There are only three viable choices left for the 10 km Egg Chart choices (Ralts, Porygon and Gible), and I’m anxious to hear if it will be either Ralts (sitting on a female 96% with perfect HP and Attack) or Gible (sitting on a 98% Gabite with perfect Attack and Defense).

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I’m just assuming they’re basing it on California temperatures since it’s/can get hot as hell here. Granted I know it’s not as convenient for others, but I’m really glad they did 4-7 pm since it’s going to be cooler

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Hearing lots of complaints Re: the times on local Discord. Mostly from people with families as dinner time is right in the middle. One of the most popular places a lot players congregate and meet for these CD’s closes the gates at 5-5:30pm at this time of the year so it’s stuffed their CD up totally.




I made this quite some time ago on my iPhone.


Yeah its the same here. In the Netherlands its very hot this week. 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) and above is no exception.
But its not like its hard to make other regions get their CD at earlier hours.

True it’s not, I think niantic is just lazy and doesn’t really want to figure out a different time CD time for different zones. And CA in July and August can get to 102 F or hotter sometimes (I believe that’s about 39 Celsius) so as long as August is later in the day as well I’ll be happy. :crossed_fingers:

The switch to evening community day hours has led to a drastic reduction in participation in my town.
There is a perception that it is not as safe - and there is an increased likelihood of suffering abuse, being mugged for your phone, or being involved in an altercation. Parents with young children simply will not take the risk.
Me and the missus have decided to make a 30 mile trip to a country park in a more affluent area (which is actually much worse for Pokémon - with far fewer spawns, stops and gyms) to mitigate the chances of something bad happening to us.
I realise that not everyone has to put up with this kind of hassle and may appreciate the change in hours, but it seems - once again - we’ve been handed the fuzzy-end of the lollipop. :disappointed:

May i ask where you live that those things are something you need to fear for?
And would it help if you go do your CD’s in large groups? If you stay together with 10+ people you wont risk being mugged right?

This time of year here it doesn’t get dark until 9.

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I live in an 18th century Georgian farmhouse in a quaint village surrounded by beautiful countryside… however there are no Pokémons here.

So I have to travel to my nearest town… a typical northern-English market town where folks go about their business early. The shops are shut and the place is almost deserted by 4.30pm (the last bus out is at 5:08). The only people left are generally drunkards, the unfortunate homeless and gangs of youths.

Thanks to the Tory government cuts and the ridiculous emphasis on Brexit there is no significant police presence or anything else to assuage anti-social behaviour. I, personally, have been accosted, abused and berated on a half dozen occasions while playing Pokémon Go in this location.

I know it’s not Niantic’s fault things are this way. If they could figure out a solution to make the hours variable so everyone could participate when things are best for them then they would not alienate so many potential players. And more players means more profit.

Ah ok. Now i get the picture.
Yeah that seems like a big issue. You know if this is localized to a few towns arround you or a bigger issue in England (Great Britain?) as a whole?
If more towns/cities have issues with this you might be able to get some help from Niantic, if enough people start poking them.
Their support is horrible, but if you hit that 1 out of 50 people who are willing to help you you might be able to get something changed.
Just hammer on that safety issue. Its something they may care about cause they dont want problems with that.

I can attend neither this one nor August’s. Unless I have awesome luck.

I won’t go on about because it would bore everybody rigid and it’s not really relevant to the game we’re here to discuss - but there has been a systematic lack of investment over decades which has meant market downs like the one near me are in terminal decline.

My local town has a population of around 35,000 (serving a larger dispersed rural community of around 75,000) and simply does not attract the funding with has re-invigorated many of the bigger cities in the UK.
The hospital has closed its doors to emergency patients and the school system is rated the worst in the entire country. There are hundreds of other similar towns suffering a similar fate.

Enough said… it’s all too depressing.
I’m lucky as I can choose to go some place else to play my game.
First World Problems eh? All the best and shiny Alolans all round! :grinning:🥳:+1:


Not boring at all, in fact interesting and educational on what it’s like in other parts of the world. We see what you describe depicted in movies from time to time that after certain hours the gangs come out and rule the streets terrorising others in the community so they bunker down after hours.
Makes me really appreciate the freedom I have to move around at all hours apart from a few isolated areas that I know there is a small element of risk like you describe.

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Again that idiotic time. What idiot thinks it’s a good idea to start events in the summer on the hottest time of the day: 4:00 pm! Also it’s right on dinertime for many people. I really don’t get this!