There should be a way to delevel your pokemon for PVP

Lets say for example, you have a 4k CP Mewtwo that you spent a lot of dust/candy on
But you can’t use him for anything below Master League

The way I I’d suggest to solve this is that the game will automatically delevel your pokemon so that it is just below the CP cap. So your level 40 mewtwo will simulate a drop in levels just for the duration of the PVP match

That way Casual Carl and his ragtag bunch of underlevelled pokemon can fight on a relative even ground with his buddy Hardcore Harry and his immucalate army of 90iv level 35 mons.

Harry does not need to sandbag himself by digging in the bottom of the barrel and he can benefit from having choices, so the only advantage he will have is the span of his selection

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In short, no. Not all of us are able to raid legendaries. If you want to use powdered up legendaries, use the master league as intended. Why should you have the ability to use high IV, powered up, legendary pokemon over less skilled and unfortunate rural players who can’t obtain the same, on lower level leagues? They made separate leagues for a reason. Don’t be upset because you can’t dominate them all.

I had a similar idea, but it shouldn’t be for free. I think deleveling Pokemon should cost the same as powering them up (or perhaps cost only candy or only stardust). I have a lot of Pokemon that are just BARELY over the limits for certain leagues. For example, I have a 98% Metagross that I accidentally powered over 2500 cp and it’s sitting at like 2600 cp. It would cost soooo much to power it up to be viable in Master League, whereas if I could spend a little bit to reverse my mistake and make it eligible for Ultra League again, that would be great.

I agree with the concept in theory, but it definitely shouldn’t be free or automatic.

…Why do that? CP cap ensures you can use pretty much any mon since they all have about the same stats

I don’t want it to be permanent. Just for the duration of the match

You mean kind of like how in the main games, it lowers–or raises–all Pokemon to level 50? I can see what you mean based on that. It might be difficult to implement that overall.

No not tied to a level, otherwise IVs will come into play

To the CP so the system will delevel your pokemon one step at a time till it is below the CP cap

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There is no point for league limitations if they do that
If you can just make any of your Pokemon the CP you want, there is no challenge in finding the correct CP Pokemon

The point of leagues is that you can use almost any Pokemon

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