There is no pokestops and gyms in my hometown at all

There is not pokestops or gym at my location at all.
What should i do?
I live in Sabetta town. Coordinates on google map: (71.2352782,72.1291087)

Please can i nominate new gyms and pokestops in my hometown?
like local chirch, local business-center etc
64PG+CQ - Local Chirch (nominate as gym)
64MP+V3 - Central Bus Stop (nominate as Pokestop)
728W+H5 - Business-Cener (nominate as gym)
7XCJ+V3 - Canteen (nominate as Pokestop)

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We are not Niantic,So we cant do something about it.


Maybe play ingress, at level 10 you can request stops and 12 you can approve, but a nomination system is coming.

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3 portals in Ingress as far as i can see. Should be 1 gym and 2 stops.
Oil rig arctic
Cross in Sabetta
Church on Sabetta

If those arent in PoGO you should contact Niantic support:

Good luck.


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