The unstoppable rayquaza!

does anyone here feel the same way as me that rayquaza is a pokemon that cross 2 catagorys ,it have dmg of the best ever glass, and yet it not fragile it have and can reach like 150-160 hp at level 40 ,which is like midum type tanker yet it has best dps, that combination allow it if played well with dodge to sweep gyms like nothing ,does anyone here feel the same way too and think it the most op ever pokemon we have so far ?.

Not really. Several Pokémons can sweep gyms like that (Tyranitar, Machamp, Kyogre to name just a few from many options). But, they all have their counters and weaknesses. People just don’t put some of those weaknesses into gyms for a variety of reasons.
In raids, these weaknesses become very apparent. Just take Rayquaza to a Latias raid: Two of Latias charged moves generally take out Rayquaza. But, bring a Tyranitar, and you’ll see it take 7 or 8 of those charged moves. Still love my 100% Tiny Rayquaza.

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kyogre dmg if you take out advantage and talk about pure naked dmg much low then rayquaza, same tyranitar, and as for machamp he is glassy with low hp ,to test it via latias a raid boss with bumped up 45k cp with type advantage that double dmg of outrage, and also the dmg buff from raid boss cp, you get 100 naked dmg multi with more then X4 ,result in 400 dmg which is like i mention, a terriable way to compare pokemons abilitys, if you wona test it do it at gym, no one argue that tyrianter or other some pokemon wont able sweep gyms ,but it rather the speed and the life that remain to rayquaza, that for me put it at the top glass/tank hp with decent defense value, the defense decide the amount of dmg reduce you get both from normal hit and when you perform dodge.

I definitely prefer waterfall/blizzard kyogre for sweeping gyms because it can hit most common gym defenders for super effective damage (dragonite, aggron, rhydon) while rayquaza really struggles against aggron, metagross, and rhydon and takes a lot of damage from dragonite and salamence