The story of the magikarp champion

i remember the first day that i got you my little chomp, you were so small i could even put you in a jar,
i run a test to see your genetic qualitys and then i was amazed you were 98 % iv, at that moment i know that i will never leave you that our destinys are bounded toghter, and from that day on i started to do everything in my power to train you up, and the great moment finally arrived you finally evolved into gyridos in that day i saw magikarp turn into a beautyful champion, and i tought to myself it only the begining, so i started train you until you reach the top i teached you speed and strengh but more then all i teached you to be deadly, and now nothing can stop you not even electric, i am so proud of you .you proved the world that everything possible if you belive and get love.this tough only the begining of your story chomp .