The state of PvP in PoGO

While I mostly agree with a lot of this, I would have my own system for the Leaderboard in PvP that was proposed. It would be monthly a d would be per league. The rewarding system would work like this:
1st Place: 15 Premium Raid Passes, 10 Star Pieces, 5 Lucky Eggs, 50 Pokèballs, 10 Fast TM’s, 5 Charged TM’s, 25 Rare Candies, 250,000 Stardust
2nd-10th Places: 10 Premium Raid Passes, 7 Star Pieces, 3 Lucky Eggs, 5 Fast TM’s, 3 Charged TM’s, 20 Rare Candies, 150,000 Stardust
11th-100th Places: 7 Premium Raid Passes, 4 Star Pieces, 1 Lucky Egg, 3 Fast TM’s, 1 Charged TM, 15 Rare Candies, 100,000 Stardust
100th-1000th Places: 5 Premium Raid Passes, 2 Star Pieces, 1 Fast TM, 10 Rare Candies, 75,000 Stardust
1000th-5000th Places: 3 Premium Raid Passes, 1 Star Piece, 5 Rare Candies, 50,000 Stardust
5000th-20000th Places: 1 Premium Raid Pass, 3 Rare Candies, 25,000 Stardust
20000th+: 15,000 Stardust, Random amount of Pokèball, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls

TM’s System

I would rework it like in one of two ways: If the Pokèmon has 4 or more charged moves, You can choose between two different Charged Moves. (Exception for Aerodactyl and Hypno, you can choose between 3 different Moves
Choose your own move for a certain amount of Stardust (1 KM Buddy Distance: 5K Stardust. 3 KM: 10K Stardust. 5 KM: 20K Stardust. 20 KM: 35K Stardust.

Legacy Move TM’s can work on both Fast and Charged Moves. The odds of obtaining TM’s in general would be this:
Fast TM’s: 1/48 chance in a gift
1/1 chance from Raids
1/19 chance from PvP Battles (Team Leader and Other trainers)
Charged TM’s: 1/63 Chance from a gift
1/2 chance from Raids
1/26 chance from PvP Battles (Team Leader and other trainers)
Legacy TM: 1/583 chance from gifts
1/398 chance from raids
1/351 chance from PVP battles (Team Leaders and other Trainers)

Share what you think!


Legacy move TMs would defeat the point of legacy moves that way. Maybe tied in to community day as a special research quest reward from the professor where you earn one per month and would allow you one change a month.

Not a fan of PvP, until they allow actual good IV Pokémon to be relevant (base leagues around either Pokémon level or CP) so zero attack stat Pokémon would not be favored in nearly every situation over 15 IV Pokémon. Your idea is cool but it wouldn’t be an incentive to me to do more PvP.


Legacy TM should be a prize of a Monthly field research, where you needed to make 31 days with, at least, one field research. (You won´t need to make 31 days in a row…) When you got 31 days ( 4 weekly research plus 3 days, so we had to jump months) you could choose between a Legacy TM (random) or a special 10km egg that would give a shiny pokemon (random too but it will hatch a shiny) that, if you had 9 placed, you can take out an egg and replace it with that special 10km egg. That way, we could choose what would be the prize we wanted.
Right now people should be with the items bag so full that they have to thrash many items… with the shadow pokemon the bag gets full so fast.

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