The reward of winning the gold medal from a local gym

The task of reaching the gold medal is hard and takes a long time.
In my country, many people reached level 40 and have a lot of legendary pokemons, but only a few gold medals from gyms.
So I wonder why…
In the cartoon, winning gym medals was a significantly important task, because they guaranteed the possibility of entering to the famous pokemon league.

Does anyone knows what is the reward exactly in PoGO?
I only heard something about a better prize when spinning the pokestop, is that right?

I would love to hear your comments on this. Is it worth it? How many gold medals from gyms do you have? What do you think about the reward?


It just means you get better items when you spin, and you are more likely to be invited to an EX raid if it’s eligible.


Better items and more of them.

On silver level you can get 5 items, but only if your team has control of it, 3 without control.

On gold, you can get 10 items if your team controls it, 5 if your team doesn’t control it.


Are you sure of the EX raid better chance? So cool, I hope it’s true.
Thanks for the reply.

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Point 3

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Nah, Niantic says that but thats nonsense. Never worked. bronze medals got as much invites as silvers and golds.

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How about exp for leveling? Just as building a friendship gives you 3,000 XP… Does achieving the gold medal gives you some?

I think it depends on player density in the area, i.e. an area with lots of players will need to be filtered and they use gym badges to do this, but in areas where density is lower, there is no need to filter, so players with all level badges are invited.

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Yes, you get more xp per spin, the higher the badge level is.

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Makes sense

That might be possible. Its never an issue in my own city so i dont know. Old videos show 400 accounts or so doing the same EX-raid but that might be outdated.

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Having Gold medal on the Gym increasing chances for an Ex Pass is a massive lie.
I have first hand experience that clearly refutes what they claim.

That was way back in the early days of Ex Raids when there was a lot more randomness to issue of Passes before they changes to the every player wins a prize providing the minimum criteria of a set numbers of unique accts Raid the Gym in the wave.

The extra rewards are great for filling the bag quickly.
I have 137 Gold Gyms.


7 day spins are nice with gold gym badges.

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Nice? Explain please!

You’ll get items like crazy (with the 7th day spin mentioned above of course), certainly when there’s an item event.

Agree on that.

Had an Ex- ticket after just 2 one star raid in a bronze gym…

I tend to make my 7 day spin a controlled, gold one. My average item spin is always in the 30s under those circumstances.

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if you’re looking for rewards for accomplishments, you’re playing the wrong game. You get more potions,revives, balls etc from gold gyms than silvers or bronze but that’s it. there might be a very small xp reward difference of like 10-20 when spinning the gyms, but that’s about it. The whole gym system is a huge disappointment anyway, the current system is actually ten times worse than the old one. Atleast the old one gave you stardust and you had the possibility of getting 100 coins/day.

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