The Reason Why Spoofing Is A Problem In Pokémon Go

PSA: This is not a "Let’s ban all spoofers" or “Rework the gym system” post. Even though I despise them that’s not what this is. Please read on.

Incentive. That’s it. Incentive. All rewards within the game are incentives for interacting with gyms and it needs to stop. Everything of value that we want now come from gyms. Daily coins, extra items per spin if you earned a badge, TMs, rare candy, golden razz berries, legendaries, mewtwo. ALL COME FROM GYMS. See the problem?? See why it makes sense for spoofers to be more active?

If not for this reward system we would not really have much issues with spoofers other than the occasional, childish boasting posts about their “hard to get” catches (LOL). They could just sit at home, catch their pokémon and no one would care. Much. But that’s not the reality. They’re here and have infested this community and now it’s time for a change in obtaining rewards.

My proposal. ELIMINATE REWARDS FROM GYMS. Instead, we could earn rewards that come from gyms by meeting daily goals or PvP instead which will be coming this year. Revenue would still be earned through other means but I leave that in Niantic’s hands. But gyms and anything related to them that will influence other trainers due to a spoofer’s involvement is not working.

I don’t want to see gyms go away. I love battling. It wouldn’t be a Pokémon game without them. It’s the reward system that must die. It has to evolve. It’s killing the game so let’s kill it.

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You missed the point. I didn’t say the gym system should change. Just the reward system. Keep gyms the way they are but reward trainers in a way where they are not impacted in a negative way by spoofers who have way more control over this game right now.

Nothing really evade this problem… PvP? The idea would be that the 2 phones have to be near each other… Bluetooth?
You can’t imagine how rapid there will be an app to make p2p-connection which emulates in both sides bluetooth-data, so they can make their fights from home.

I deleted the post for the reason that I didn’t develop my point well enough. I’m done commenting on this topic for now.


And that’s fine. Personally I think PvP is the one thing that should be done anywhere with a chat option.

This discussion leaves to nothing… I’m now everyday in the Gyms, and I’m still waiting the moment when this BAD spoofers will interfere in my game… Have they influence over my outcome? No Can they stop my playing? No
And when I explain that one of the examples (PvP) not evades the spoofers, this doesn’t matter…
Well, I will take the way of @JoshHack and leave this post. Maybe others will understand you better.

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Maybe in your area they don’t influence your game but in many others it is a fact that spoofers are a huge issue to players who actually go out and play.

Spoofers are no longer an issue thanks to the gym rework

Changing a game because of spoofers instead of just banning them… Right.
Obviously you want whats best for legit players, but youre way of getting there is wrong.

Because you cant detect all the spoofers lol, its simple

Well, the ones you cant detect arent that much of a problem right? The ones bothering you will be the ones who are active with gyms. Thats quite easy to see. With raiders even more cause you can just ask if all nicknames are actually present.

But Niantic cant detect them

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Hmm yeah maybe. I would love it if they would just take a close look at accounts that get reported 100ths of times. Then its a bit of a community effort.

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You don’t need to be reported. If Niantic feel like you’re doing something very wrong like Spoofing 10 Times a day, Botting, etc then they’ll ban you straight out of the blue with no notice. For your average Spoofer who hangs at one city all the time and isn’t really a threat it’s not a major problem for Niantic.

There are too many accounts for them to check
Ive started a test account to see how much can you do before you get banned, and I have already been softbanned a couple of times, visited tons of coutries (often even in the same day), aquired many 100IV Pokemon, maybe even got reported once, and all that the account ever got was that warning back in… November?
If they would actually check on accounts, this account would be banned a looooong time ago

I’d rather them banned but it’s not happening quick enough. In fact it’s not happening at all.

That is so sad to hear.

Nope. They sure can’t. Sad.

You could get 1 coin per pokestop

Would make people not buy coins at all, and also give spoofers a huge advantage