The reason why… I don’t like Niantic


Where’s the problem?
Before starting this, we know all that there has to be some procedure for declaring a mon lucky.

You don’t like this procedure? Well, and what other way you think is better? Buying a pass to put it? A gift when you do a Raid? Everything will be valued in a different way, depending your playing style.

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I was quite more hyped until I saw this. This is even disappoining (in my opinion).
The reason is because I don’t do many trades. I don’t like to trade. I want to get them myself. Also, I have nobody to trade with.

As I always say, I really want to get gen 4 instead of everything else. Especially when Niantic hypes everybody and later it turns out to be a little bit disappointing.


I thought it would of been wild pokemon, and the fact you cant trade back and forth the same mon…wow. No lucky mon for me.


Well, i guess i wont be transfering my legendarys anymore. Trade them immediatly after raiding if they arent good, and THEN transfer if they are still not good.

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I’ll never get a lucky Pokemon. Maybe next summer.

You can’t trade back and forth, one it’s traded it can’t be traded again

I agree though its slightly disappointing but hasnt been made that much of a big thing. It was inly annocunced at most a few days ago. We still have gen 4 coming and the celebi quest coming soon as well as PvP at some point.

But the whole point of these features being added is niantic want PoGo to be a socialally interactive game (which it mainly is). So adding to these features makes total sense and is added to what the game is ment to be. I get it does suit everyone but there’s still so much more in the game you can still do and to hate niantic for adding features that you can’t use which are linked to the key point of the game isn’t exactly fair. Things being added is never a bad thing even if there not applicable to you. Its like me complaining about more gyms being added to rural areas. Honestly I feel sorry for rural players but am getting a bit sick of seeing complaints about things being added that don’t suit them.

i said that…

This is just a way to balance the fact CP and IV are random. But if you don’t have the mon you will be feeding it rare candy…for a while. Should be able to get lucky Mon in the wild also.

The actual problem are exclusive mkves for legendaries and,to an extent, CD moves

I started typing the exact same thing untill i reread and saw the T. I guess thats why they invented the ’

How else can you get them?

I’ll trade you BOSSLAP

I don’t think you live next door…

Just trying to be nice

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All good! I’m not BOSSLAP ( I do have a killer lap though) I’m Bosslapras33

Apologies misread

You can’t lie sounds cooler the way I said it

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