The Reason Spoofing Is Such A Big Problem

After Reading a lot of Pokémon go news you start to find a recurring theme, How pokemon go is unfair, and spoofers.

The whole Pokémon go is unfair part is usually centered around rural players, and how they do not have anywhere near as much access to poke stops o gyms as city players do, and as there are less of them they tend to have lower spawn rates, and they will be lucky if one or two other people show up for a raid.

The other problem is spoofing.
Spoofers are said to be ruining the game because of the fact that they are teleporting all over the world catching regional exclusives, hatching eggs, completley wiping areas with their team in gyms, etc
And that Niantic is focusing on trying to get rid over spoofers and not updating the games content more often. Also spoofers would break trading if it is ever released aswell.

Niantic can potentially hit to birds with one stone.

If Niantic balanced out the vast differences between rural POGO and city POGO we would start to see less spoofing, why? Because a lot of the spoofers are people playing in rural areas so that they can enjoy all the features of Pokémon go like gym battles, raid battles and more.

If Niantic balanced out the vast differences between rural and city POGO we would start to see less spoofing, as rural players would not feel the need to spoof anymore as they could participate in raid battles with other players, spinning pokestops, and battling/taking gyms


I don’t see Niantic ever being able to fully remove spoofing owing to how complex it is. Spoofing apps use different servers to allow for joysticks and manipulate the GPS to make location changes. Because of this, the only way is to permanently ban people (owing to GPS glitches it could cause even more problems) or to sue them for stealing the apps software. Niantic don’t comment or get involved with legal issues (look at GoFest) so it probably won’t go away.

I play rural, and the experience hasn’t changed at all over the past year, no matter how many times people say it has got better. Spoofing is here to stay, and people will need to accept that.

You are right, because many players spoof simply because they can’t play the game as intended in their area. It’s a complicated issue, though, and would require a clever solution that would give rural players a better experience, while still making it worthwhile to travel to different areas occasionally to have a different experience than in your local area. If Pokémon GO players(even if it was only level 35+) had the ability to request new pokestops, that would solve a wide variety of issues with rural players, and in turn, would deter more spoofers from the game.

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One thing they should really do is GREATLY increase rare spawns in less populated areas, since many rural players cannot participate in raids to get rares, it would be perfectly fair for them to have increased chances to find wild tyranitars in the wild. Likewise, they should slightly decrease rare spawns in urban areas, since there are usually ample numbers of players available to participate in raids to get rare Pokémon. It makes sense, because in the Pokémon world, and main series games, you don’t just find Dragonite in cities; you have to go out into the wilderness to find some of the best Pokémon( or ANY pokemon, for that matter!). I think that would be a step in the right direction to providing a more balanced experience for all players.


This is a good idea. It would solve an issue of rural players not having much Pokémon to fight with, and should draw players of all types to these areas because the good spawns are now somewhere else. It should also get more people into raids as there would be more travelling into these places. If this happened, I would go as far into the most rural areas I know and see what would await me…(please make legendaries spawn wild?)

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Yeah, exactly! Legendaries should spawn in only very rural areas. Instead of just standing on the sidewalk battling a legendary, you could get a notification that a legendary has been spotted in the wild(if you’re in a rural area), and you could make an adventure out of trying to locate it! (They would have to crack down on trackers, though, so you can’t just track the legendary and get it.)

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It would spice up the game while we wait for Gen 3 to come out. Remember the ‘dark times’ AKA December/January when nothing happened, if this occurred again just release even one Legendary into the wild, or eggs to keep people playing. I have been trying to get some of my friends to play again (so far not working out) but I’m sure a wild Moltres would make them come out with me!

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When I have time I’ll post more but the spawns in rural areas aren’t bad. I’ve caught dozens of rare Pokémon on my ventures though small towns and actually my best dragonite, Blissey and Lapras were all from 10 km eggs that I got in in towns with populations under 2500 people.

It is a perception versus reality scenario where players with limited experience outside their local area think the grass is greener on the other side. While small tons may not be as grand as the Vegas strip or Santa Monica Pier they are still awesome hunting grounds and are often as good as most other parts of the world.

The honest truth about spoofing is that it’s laziness. The same people who are cheating could go out, get on a bus, get a ride from mom or dad or just ride their bikes and explore their towns but chose to to stay home and get something for nothing.

For the record an injury or disability isn’t a excuse it’s just another obstacle to overcome. Life isn’t fair, it isn’t easy, and it is only as good as the choices we make and the people we meet along the way.


Thorend has it right. My mentor (a level 40) moved to a smaller area and he shows me the nutty crap that shows.

You guys want stops. Not spawns. Your spawn levels are about on par with the rest of us. And your chance of “higher evolved form” drops is actually WAY higher then us.

You just want stops. Rural heavyweights need some stop creating power like in Ingress. Seriously, never bothered to check but I looked in the shop. 20 red balls for 100 coins?? Are you freaking serious! If I ever, EVER, had to do that I’d quit. This is just not s game for you I’d you actually need to do that yucky crap.

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After the bot crackdown, now many spoofers are having their account suspended and terminated.

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Here’s a suggestion fix. Niantic layout is based on a towns square foot and known population at last census, I’m guessing. It says nothing whatsoever towards the player base within that town.

Simply put, a smaller town could have way more active, money spending players then a larger one.

So look at active accounts. Look at rural areas with lots of pings. Those are the spots you want to seriously consider stop additions. Maybe even open up suggestions through the local social network channels.


If that’s true, how come FSUATL still hasn’t been banned???

He has many, MANY accounts and his sponsor has a catalogue of 100’s of accounts. Also, he is currently asleep. Hasn’t posted anything.

Never mind, just checked his twitter and he claims that he wasn’t affected.

Of course. There’s no way they’ll be able to ban all 100 of his accounts…

What I’m interested in is myself. I am currently on holiday so I can’t play, but have spoofed before. Does anyone think I’ll get the dreaded message?

I don’t think you will. I know that you only spoofed once out of necessity, and I don’t think they should hold that against you(Just don’t do it ever again or you may be in danger) My issue is with those who habitually spoof, and just ruin the experience for the legit players.

Jiji, it’s an eternal discusion… I don’t like piracy, but from time to time I need to do it…
Spoofing NOOOO… but I can’t leaf my house… Maltreatment Noooo, but from time to time it’s not bad to give my son a slap…
Maybe the the problem is, that the world isn’t black or white? Maybe there are reasons to be not 100% legal?
I allways TRY to be legal, but there are moments…
Don’t let us play judges, we are not, and most of us never be, let’s play PoGo with all his faults.

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No message! I am safe😀(For now)

He may just being saying that. He has been known to lie.