The reason I'm fed up with silph research group

Well to begin with I think many here know how I liked to datamine and do research work in the field of Pokémon Go and also did some credible research before joining silph researchers group but now it seems the silph researchers aren’t someone you can freely do research with.

Everyone, some days before were excited to know about the “Quest” metadata being found in game APK and there were headlines regarding that on top gaming blogs but did the silph ever told anyone who found the first clues about it.
Well if you wanna know when it was found first in the game then see this

I hope that gives you a bit of hint…

Now coming to SilphRoad’s trainer card system…
First see this

I had already discussed about a similar system with the silph seniors but was made fun of, before that day I and dronpes used to talk regarding all the research n community stuff but after the quarrel that happened with the seniors, I dunno what happened I never got a reply back for the badge system.Now think wouldn’t one get pissed off when you are talking credible stuff and senior researchers start making fun of you.
My views never really matched with that of the seniors there and they always tried to show that they are superior than me.So my work was never really appreciated there.
Now with passing time things are getting unbearable and I’m thinking of quitting all this research stuff altogether.
Things are as if silph owns the researchers or something…

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Is this really a good place to vent? Seems more fitting for YouTube or Facebook

Sadly I’m not so active on those either to vent.

Don’t quit doing the research bro, just ignore them all together and go on by yourself. Or just find a team of people who know a fair bit about development here on the hub (I’m myself a programmer/software enthousiast for the past 15 years). Just set up a github (account and/or) repository and just use that for publishing all your findings. Don’t let a bunch of know it alls ruin all your excitement of trying to be the first to find something new. If you would want to partner up with someone I would like to propose myself as a candidate.

tldr; people online can easily be ‘bitchy’ like that, don’t let their ego pull you down.

Thanks finally someone could understand my problem.If you want to research with me then you might have to wait for some weeks until my graduation examination is complete.

Then make an account, Reddit is also good for venting, try the Pokémon Go Reddit