The Pokémon GO timeline

was Pokémon go better in the beginning with the old systems, or is it better now?


Maybe you have to send your Curriculum to Niantic… I wouldn’t think it’s be a strange movement if they contract you…

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The only issue is that it has been confirmed many times the Pokemon seem to truly enjoy battling one another. Think more in terms of a sport using magical powers and less animal abuse and dog fighting

Jeez bro! Chill! I thought people on the Forum were had freedom of speech as long as they don’t swear at eachother, spam, call people names and get really mad over other people’s points.(Great theory though, a very interesting read)

But you got mad, didn’t you? Don’t be so offended by his point.

Even Mewtwo, a scientifically modified clone of Mew eventually realized there was a bond between trainers and Pokemon, not a master slave relationship, but one of friendship. One in which you care for each other. Sure there are bad people who mistreat their Pokemon but in most cases its obviously a caring relationship. Wild Pokemon are aggressive because they are not domesticated, a PokeBall is just a high tech form of domestication, and just like in the real world equivalent of cats and dogs, domesticated animals live far better lives than their wild counterparts. In the Pokemon World it is well documented that wild Pokemon kill and eat each other, and in many cases caught Pokemon are simply pets or companions, but the ones who enjoy physical activity like to battle, and their trainers take on the role of a personal trainer, always taking care of them and helping them recover after a long day of work.

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The Game Theorists
Pokemon: Friends or Victims? The science!…of Pokemon
The Game Theorists have got similar ideas as well.

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The video was uploaded 2 months ago by Austin.

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Haha this video is what I originally want to share to you guys in the discussion about pokeballs.:laughing: Never mind.

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As someone that participates in MMA, I see things through a different lens, I am their coach and they fight for me, same as I fight for mine.