The Pokemon GO Hub Database

I was wondering when there was going to be some more updating to the database. I’ve seen some movesets that are outdated, as well as sprites that are missing–been trying to find some Shiny ones for the Gen 5 Pokemon. There’s also no entry for Gen 8 as well as some stat spreads missing for a few other Pokemon in the Gen 7 Dex.

Obviously, it’s no big hurry, but I’ve come to really love the database for its interface and information.


Speaking of which, I’d like to have the “best x type” rank the Mons in a scenario where only the x type is super effective instead of giving us the top neutral DPS for Mons with the typing/one move of that typing, as well as more accurate ranking overall - Dragon Tail/EQ Garchomp is not the best Ground-type in any universe

Hi, I agree with this suggestion I hope we will have it.
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For more than a week I cannot access the database. Anyone else with this problem?_

It seems to be working with me. What platform are you using?

Firefox - Windows 10

I’m using Google Chrome on Windows 10 and it seems to be working for me. Maybe there’s a problem with some plugins in Firefox.

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Yes, I’ve given it a try and it works there. But I will not change to Chrome only because the db works there. Anyway, many thanks, I’m still trying to understand, why I haven’t made this test by my own… :roll_eyes: