The Pokemon Community Has Severe Problems

I don’t know if you know, but the community, at least in my area, have been giving other players problems.
In the town I play when I’m up at college, Valor overwhelms the area. Why is this? Here’s why…
Several team Valor members hit level 40 already, which makes this even worse for other team players in this area to enjoy pokemon. If you aren’t team Valor, you are targeted when in gyms or even getting close to 40. Several of the team Mystic players in this area who I’ve played the game with and enjoyed it have quite the game because of this and a few other serious problems.
A few of the Valor members, one of which who is an absolute troll, not just in our Discord server, decide to go ahead and target other members by actually stalking other Team members, especially Mystic, and lay in wait, watching us in our actual location, and take the gym back as soon as we leave.
Now this is not okay to do. The stalking is awful and it can take up to 40 minutes to take down a gym.
Another issue is that the main team “leader” of Valor has been known to troll our Discord, spoof, as well as stalk other players.
This has led to this particular player to create his own discord, as a result of being banned from the other one, which caused most, if not all the players in this area to flood to his.
This is really not okay. Just because you are Team 40 doesn’t mean you can push other players around. Being level 40 means that you help others with raids, contribute positivity towards the Pokemon Community, and make the game fun for everyone in your area.
Now Niantic has done nothing about this despite me emailing them several times.
I honestly don’t know what to do anymore. This game isn’t fun in this area anymore and I may have to find somewhere else to play.


I don’t really know how to approach this, but i’d Try and move to a new area to play. Reports don’t do much, and if he’s tormenting the area like that then what’s the point in continuing to play there?

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Its a big area and there are opportunities for ex raids here. Also hard to find another good area around where I live. The nearest one is about 20-30 minutes away.

I feel so sorry for you. I would probably just keep playing where you are to catch mons and then go that other place that is 20-30 mins away for raids and taking gyms because wherever I have raided people are usually friendly and welcoming so bullying other players is probably a very rare thing to happen.

So aside from the spoofing i didnt see a problem. Weve got some active gym players here aswell. Either you kick them back out, or you suck it up and deal with it and take some other gyms tomorrow. Thats how the game works.

The spoofing however sucks. Not sure why alot of players in your area would flock towards him if its know hes spoofing. Doesnt matter what team your from in my city. If you are a spoofer, you are not welcome in any chat/group and i wouldnt attend raids in person either…

The only thing you can do is keep kicking him back out, feeding your gyms to defend, and report him for the spoofing. Besides that you could try to report him for “exhibiting poor behavior in the real world and/or interacting with other players while playing pokemon GO”. Assuming hes actually doing that. I doubt Niantic will care for him just trolling on your discord. If hes offending people its a different matter ofcourse.


It’s a competitive game, so if they’re actually at the gym location and not spoofing, they are playing fair. This doesn’t mean they aren’t jerks, but they don’t have to leave your mons in gym out of courtesy


They are spoofing. They were doing it almost all night long! They kept Golden Razzing! I’m trying to report them…the one guy also has several other accounts…

You know you can LEGIT feed golden razz berrys from the comfort of your home when your pokemon is in a gym right?

Tap: Pokeball - Pokemon - select a pokemon that is defending - Go to gym - Feed a maximum of 10 different pokemon, a maximum of 10 berrys per player per 30 minutes.

So a full gym can be fed 60 berrys per pokemon every half hour.


The same can go the other way too. You can troll spoofers in a park that closed 6 hours ago by golden razz berrying all the pokes

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I have been shunned from raids now. I don’t play in the area, or do very little, since the certain people do private groups on me without saying a word in discord. I also haven’t been able to play Pokemon Go to the fullest because I am shunned from that area too.

Why are you shunned tho?

Because people have “issues” with me. I also tried to expose the spoofer in the other town, and I got kicked from his server. I recently found out that he kicked another mystic player, who is level 40, from his server. It is now basically run by his Valor team.

If he is a spoofer and the community is centred around him, why not just play with them?

Because they do not like me and won’t let me play with them.

Did they not like you before or after you exposed the spoofer?

They had been harassing other players. I never really liked him. It got much worse after I exposed him…but its not like like people didn’t know. He is two faced though.

We have that type of person in our area as well (Also on Valor). Best thing to do is just ignore them and don’t let him or her ruin the game for you. They’ll eventually grow bored and do something better with their life.

This thread is very sad. I joined my local Pogo Discord back at Christmas and I’m very friendly with fellow Mystic trainers as well as Valor and Instinct trainers. We all get along great and have no problem making sure everyone gets their 50 coins a day. Sometimes our raid turnouts are so large, we have to split into 2 groups.

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I just talked with the same local players that took down one of my gyms on discord. They apologized and I told them no problem.

Why would they apologize for taking down your gym? It’s a game and one of the objectives is gym control