The pokemon community days

What do you think would be good pokemon for future community days

(Mad I have to miss this one)


Niantic probably wouldn’t do a region exclusive as a community day Pokemon

i thought so aswell, but thinking some more about it, why not? Why not a 3 hour window where regionals rotate? They did it kinda before with Kangaskhan and Far’Fetched. They could do it again.
I still know players who don’t have any kangsaskhan or Unknown eventhough we had 2 safari events closeby where I live. A 3 hour window would be great for such a thing.

I do think chances are low, but the possibility is there.
Chances are higher they are going to use it for releasing more shiny pokemon IMO.

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That does make sense

I would love the Pokemon to show up as a raid boss, missed oportunity to spice up raids imo
As for the next Mon, maybe… Scyther?

Maybe we’ll get an ice type because Dragonite is weak to ice and it’s going to be easier to get a good Dragonite with the Community Day event.

I’m suspecting we’ll see some popular old gym defenders and attackers: Chansey/Blissey, Puppitar/Tyranitar, Snorlax, also the starter pokemon like Venusaur and Charizard. Giving new players ample opportunity to catch up with the veterans.

I think Unown would be great - very few people have the whole alphabet & it would be fun chasing all the letters.

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That is a good idea!

The funny thing is about regionals, heracross is the best, taurous is second, and corsola and farfetched are thrid and fourth. Heracross has a higher max cp than machamp.

CP doesnt matter, Machamp has a better charge move and HP


CP is also overrated

Need to do Wailmers for Community Day. I don’t feel like walking him for 400 candies.

Maybe Chansey, gen 1 or gen 2 starters, maybe Smeargle, since that’s not out.

Not unknown they are rare for a reason

I think pokemon like bagon, beldum and larvitar would be good.

They won’t use Bagon or Beldum. They’ve only been released and are the rarest ones that everyone wants. They wouldn’t make it so easy to get them.

But shiny Metagross…

Hullo buddy. It’s me, buddy the puggle.