The pokeball throw sharpshooter guide

this guide will help you increase your accuracy and aim, when capturing Pokémon’s, it will give you tips that helped me along my journey and still helping.

1)try not to laugh, but eat a lot of carrots, preferably uncooked and live condition, the nutrition from it help increase eye vision and let you aim better,
2)training have no replacement-always keep training and try avoid to use pokemon go plus bracelet, if you rally on it too much your ability’s to aim may decrease ,
3)sunlight blinding-avoid direct sunlight on your screen, it can get reflected back to you and momently blind you, so you wont able aim well in that cause ,go to a place with shadow and aim there,
4)control your focus, program your mind-the ability to focus is one of the most vital abilities of any sniper, incase you facing hard pokemon, you gota convince yourself it just a simple everyday pokemon you capture, even if it not, the excitement can ruin your aim ability always keep yourself calm no matter what,
5)creating environment for sniping-incuse you in environment that full of noise you got 2 choices, 1)ignore all noises and get into concentration mood via take time breath in and out slowly, until you calm and get into mood ,
2)go out into a silent corner and concentrate there, I prefer choise number 1 because it also training to the mind, to create a barrier that no noise or distraction can penetrate to, not always we have space or silent corner to go to,
6)sureshots only,-never try to capture pokemons without counter or half counter that grantee a hit,
7)the counter art-

learn to counter fully-press on the pokeball and hold it until the aim circle is at size you want then stop press, that way you locking the aim circle at the pokemon after that ,you give it a berry, you put your throwing finger close to the screen, and wait until pokemon attack, once it attack you spin the ball twice and release it at the pokemon, if you do it timed well, you wont see the aim circle only very few mili seconds before the ball land on the pokemon, that way you grantee a hit, and give no time for pokemon to react, as there is delay after attack animation for very few mili seconds, also known as sureshot

half counter-work same but instead waiting only for attack ,you do the same while pokemon move or jump, that allow for faster fire rate ,without waiting and good while you in hurry, the downside is when you do it while target moving or jumping, your aiming circle will keep moving, unlike when pokemon attack, so not always you grantee to hit nice or great or excellent or rated at all, however it grantee the ball will hit the pokemon, the only slightly extra difference, is also that when pokemon move or jump, you gota spin the ball only one spin and release, that called a quick throw, because if you don’t do it your throw will be too slow,give the pokemon a chance to react, ,however if the pokemon attack do 2 spins for the ball, because if you only do 1 the throw will be too quick, and will be reflected back to you.

and my last tip, even if you fail to capture or miss ,don’t go too harsh on yourself ,keep training and eating well, and you get there, and don’t stop believe in yourself that most important, don’t let others capture pokemons for you, because you gota develop confident in yourself, else your aim will much less effective good luck fellow trainers I hoped you like that guide