The new EX wave topic

There is a new ex wave!

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Sadly i can not participate. The previous news updates on GoHub told
“In case you can’t attend an EX raid, reach out to Niantic’s Customer support.”

Does Anyone know how i can do this?

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No idea if it will work tough. Comments under those previous articles suggested it didnt help them.

Our groups triggered another Gym that has never had one before.
It was the last of the Ex Possibles according to the cell criteria in our main playing areas.
That’s 7 new ones in the last 8 weeks we’ve triggered. One we did twice.

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Don’t bother. I can confirm from own experience you’ll get a standard reply saying “better luck next time”

The moment EX passes drop is predicatble untill Niantic screws up.
Next wave should drop on next thursday around 8PM our time (Dutch) for playing saturday the 28th

Also, funny to see Gohub isn’t reporting these anymore because of all the backlash they got over their surveys :smile:


It might be wednesday… Usually 2 days before the earliest next Mewtwo raid right? Or did that change to just 9 days before the raid date.

passes go out on a 7-7-8 schedule and IIRC there was a 9-9-10 schedule for the play date.

I might be off on a day, but i’m sure this is the 3rd friday EX raid we just had. Next wave should be played on saturday.

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Correct, 3rd Friday Raid in a row for me. Last time there was 3 in a row it was a Tuesday.

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I do not have any nearby EX Raid eligible gyms near my house closest is 1 hour 20 minute walk away…