The lowest cp snorlax

So here What Spawned? 🤔 - #1379 by Brobraam

I posted a 43 CP snorlax I found; then @Jormdeworm came with an even lower cp snorlax of 40 Cp.

I challenge you all to find even lower cp snorlaxes

(picture of @Jormdeworm his snorlax)

Next one should be under 40 cp, and new posts should have snorlaxes with even lower cp than the post before.

Edit: lowest cp currently possible is 39. Go find that one!


I actually have a CP42 and two CP40 Snorlax. Will surely search for a CP39 Snorlax, but my CP40 is almost a 0% Level 1 so I’m wondering if that even exists.

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I’ve made time ago a chart to calculate al cp for all iv combinations and it tells me that the lowest Snorlax has an cp of 37.


Lowest currently possible is a 39cp I see lol
If the GoHub DB is correct

I’ll get that.

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My lowest is a 134 shadow Snorlax

I trade mine on fairly quickly.
Lowest I’ve got in the Trade stable from catches over the last week is 42cp

Close… but no cigar…

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