The life after level 40

i am atm close to reach level 40 and i was intersted if any of you who reach level 40 can tell what your life look like?, do you still go to all raids you can do?, do you slow down?, and what about gym battles do you still fighting?, or to sum it all up how your level 40 life look like?, does it stay the same like before you hit 40?,
or things changed ?, and probably one importent question what do you do to keep the spark you had and the excistment to reach 40 to burn and stay alive?,and overall does the fact you reached level 40 caused you to feel good ? or you feel something missing? (like now that you hit 40 ? whats the next purpose?).i will be honest with you the reason why i ask this is becuase now that i am near to reach level 40, i am afraid on how to keep the spark up to find a new purpose, my purpose is atm reach level 40 but when i reach it what next ? that why i need your wisdom to keep my purpose flame up any help would be welcome.

The only thing that has really chnaged is my view on Lucky Eggs included in the Gift Boxes.
No Box with any amount of Lucky Eggs has any value for the coin outlay now.
My game play is exactly the same.


I’m not Level 40 yet, but I was wondering just the same…

It sounds legit that lucky eggs lose their appeal once you reach TL40, although many people out there just keep grinding the same in order to reach it several times (TL40x2 when having 40 million XP, TL40x3 at 60 million,…) or to be prepared for an eventual level cap increase.

One goal besides reaching TL40 is always to “catch 'em all” - so completing the Pokédex could be a new purpose of the game (though most high level players do have all available mons…)
Players are also very creative in inventing their own goals, such as catching a 100% IV / 0% IV / two-digit CP / shiny mon of every species, every Unown letter, getting a certain number of golden gym badges,…
And of course there will be new legendary raid bosses and we can be sure new special research quests will be coming as well…

Personally speaking: when I reach level 40, which should be some time in autumn this year, I expect myself to slow down a bit, to be more relaxed (no more “f**k! again forgot to start a lucky egg for the 3 raids!”), to spend less money on the game, but to always look forward to new events, new (shiny) Pokémon, new raid bosses and new quests, without the pressure of being the last one in the group who is not level 40.

When I hit 40 I had a plan, to get as many of my best pokemon up to level 40 and my second plan was to get to 30 million exp (then 35 mil then 40 mil). I have been chipping away at the powering up and the new quests have helped keep interest as well as new legendaries. Also searching for more shinies and perfect IV pokemon is something that I do as well. Another thing is the community days as they help keep the boredom off too. I am up to 23 million exp now and chipping away at that 30 mil goal)


All those events are a good spark to hold on. Monthly Community Days with their special moves. Events like Easter, Halloween etc. Surprises like Kanto Event. New Raid Bosses and Quests. The last weeks I somehow wish Niantic would do a little bit less because it’s so much xD

For the future: new Gens, maybe Level 45 or even 50. I think there will always be something to do.

My gameplay since 40 didn’t changed apart from one thing: no more Lucky Egg evolution sessions. Instead, I transfer all unused Pidgeys and Weedles so I have a HUGE amount of candies to use when the Level cap rises.

i think once i will hit 40 like you say and suggested, i will slow down a bit, and in my raid group i will guide the new recurits we have, maybe i will even write a guide book, and if my team gona like it, i maybe put it here too.


I think most people once they hit 40 tend to try to find other ways to “test” themselves like duo/trio battles with Raid Bosses, competitions with other trainers to see who can gain more XP, stardust, candy the quickest. Also marking off goals such as 50,000 catches or pokéstop spins, 100,000 catches or pokéstop spins is also one that is common. Winning 1,000 or 5,000 battles with a specific mon (normally a low level / 1st level evolution like squirtle or one that can’t evolve like Murkrow) is another.
Lots of people start 100%, Unown or shiny hunting.
I also know a level 40 that just stopped playing regularly as they didn’t feel the need to prove anything once reaching TL40 but will come & raid when new legendaries are released.
It all depends on what you want to do with your game as it is a personal choice if you continue to strive to “be the very best, like no one ever was” :rofl:

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ofc but first thing first what more importent to me then to be number 1, is to spread my knowledge ,when i hit 40 i already prepared a guide for go hub, so both pro and starters can enjoy it ,what beating in joy the battles is the ability to teach others what you know atleast for me, to see pepoles use my methods and modify them, and improve them or to see someone who had hard time with throws start dominate thanks to what you teach, is one of the biggest pure joy i can ever have.

Arent they increasing the cap to 45 sooner or later :shushing_face:

50 And then give master ball

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