The kingdom cup

next silphleague tournament is the kingdom cup


I have no idea whats this tournament thing.


There is a website called that announces a themed tournament every month. Discord and telegram communities around the world host pvp tournaments in great league with that theme. The theme determines what pokemon can be used, for example these are the tournaments so far:
January: Bouldercup, rock, ground, steel, fighting
February: Twilightcup, fairy, poison, ghost, dark
March: Tempestcup, elecric, ground, ice, flying
April: Kingdomcup, fire, ice, dragon, steel


This seems interesting, thanks .


How do you join these tournaments??? Big fan of pvp but i live in jamaica and not much pkayers

You need to find the nearest Shilph Road event organiser where you are.
Asking questions on Shilph road is your best option.

Are you part of a discord or telegram Pokemongo group?

Sounds like the Game of Thrones cup.

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Non… im fairly new join January so not apart of any groups… just learning as i go along

Ok thanks… I’ll check it out