The immortality glitch in raids

This glitch/Error is one that isn’t commonly talked about, mainly because it’s not really a bad thing. It occurs when you get killed in a raid and you’re Pokémon vanishes. It’s now invisible.

In this invisible state, your Pokémon is now immortal and is free to attack and dodge as much as it wants. The downside: when the raid boss uses its charge attack the ‘immortal’ Pokémon is killed and your next Pokémon takes on all the damage of the charge attack.

There is no way to fix this glitch, but it’s not really that bad. I’ve noticed it occurs in a few groups of Pokémon:

2000-3000CP Pokemon (in that CP range)
Water types
Psychic types
Female Pokémon

I don’t know why these groups though. anyways, I just wanted to report on this one since i’ve experienced it nearly every Raid for months now.

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Not sure if you’re talking about the same thing but there is a glitch that is pretty common. You dodge a charge move from a raid boss which hits and kills you but the next mon doesn’t appear until the next charge move is dealt out by the boss.
When this has happened to me I can’t do any further damage to the boss until the next mon comes out (and normally can’t dodge either).

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Dodging…that would explain why I never see it :grinning:
I just bash away and don’t care how many faint as I get another 6 any way.

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That’s a very similar glitch, but this one is different.