The Have Whinge/Vent Thread

I’m not sure…

I’m about 10 miles away east or west of where the raids were taking place, but I was able to get in.

I do know there are a lot of people who use gps spoofers which allow them to do this kind of thing.

That’s why there’s a market for people who bot up accounts and sell them.

Whole lot of effort to cheat and turn a profit.

It’s like that with a lot of popular and or competitive games

Wow boosters sell Glad and glad mounts for several thousand dollars.

I really like the game and wish the company would be more vigilant about perma banning cheaters.

As far as I know you have to be in person at Go Fest for Necrozma but maybe I’m wrong about that one.

Several bundles in the shop now. One called “great storage box” has one each: item storage, pokemon storage, remote raid pass, and premium battle pass, for 550 coins. Normal price is 695 coins. Shop says it’s 20% savings. PokeStealOrDeal says it’s 16%. My hand calculation says a shave under 21%.

So much for computers making everything else more accurate!

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Hi vorgriff3, creator of pokestealordeal here. The breakdown of the calculation is:

Bag upgrades - 400
Green raid pass - 83 (250/3)
Remote raid pass - 175 (525/3)
Total value - 658

You’re getting items worth 658 coins for 550, so the discount percentage is 108/658*100 so approximately 16%. Lmk if that makes sense.

I have a to-do to add an explanation of how we do the calculation, need to get around to that sometime…


Not so clear, because using the third part of bundle price is for me incorrect.
Introduce 100 for the green and 195 for the remote, then your calculation is not correct.

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It seems more accurate to compare apples to apples. If I buy a remote raid pass, I’m not comparing to the cost of 1/3 of a 3-pass pack, but to the cost of one remote pass.

In everyday life we get marketers arguing over numbers in similar ways. If charging 80 instead of 100 is looked at in comparison to the normal price, it’s 20 less than 100, or 20% savings. But if compared to the end price, the normal price is 20 over 80, or 25% higher than the sale price. So is it a 20% savings, or really a 25% savings?

What @vonmixer presents is not dishonest, so much as it is a result of differing perspectives on the way numbers work. But professional number crunchers are paid handsomely to find ways to distort deltas, trends, and what not, to make others see things differently. (just word to the wise for our younger members, some of whom might not have encountered this sort of devious truth-twisting, yet)


:confounded: sick to death of the screen lock triggering every three X&@($* minutes. About once every month or so, I feel like screaming about it again. :fu: Samsung.

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  1. The reason why we pick the bundled price for calculations: we could pick the single item price, but this will result in higher discounts being displayed than is useful for most folks, e.g. consider a box that is selling 2 green raid passes for 200 coins. If we consider the price of a single green pass to be 100 this box would look like a fair deal. In reality it’s not a good deal for most players as you can instead buy 3 with 250. Can we make it configurable so you can pick your price? Yes but its probably not worth the UI clutter. At the end of the day the goal is to help folks not get tricked by bundles that are not actually good deals, and I’d rather err on the side of showing a lower discount vs a higher one.
  2. To the point of being dishonest/distorting data etc. that is not relevant here. We are actually showing a lower discount for the box by picking the lowest price that an item is available at. If there was some kind of conflict of interest (which I felt was implied - maybe I’m misreading it) - we would have gone the other way and shown a higher 20-21% discount for this box like Niantic shows. Finally, we have zero incentive to show an inaccurate or misleading value, this is simply a side project we made for fun and we don’t make any money from whether folks buy a box or not.

To reinforce my comment - I stated that you were not being dishonest. But it is a great opportunity to teach people about the different ways that numbers can be presented, how the same numbers can be used in different ways to impart very different impressions, and how marketers (both marketers of products and marketers of politics) use these tricks with the intent of misleading their target audience.

The age-old wisdom that there are three kind of numbers, lies, damned lies, and statistics, might warrant an update. (Add POLLS to that list…)

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Oh, great. Some genius at Niantic thought it was a good idea to make event exclusive 7km eggs, but not to make them actually obtainable. I opened… what? 20ish gifts? There goes all my Incubators for no reason. And another set of Incubators at that, because of course my inventory already filled up with 10km eggs again. At least that’s one lesson learnt, I’m not stinking into this scam again.


Love the way the game has mon spawns overlapping in space, such that trying to select one REPEATEDLY selects the other, instead, making the one you want impossible to get (when throwing at one makes the other de-spawn, there is no escape to the impossible-selection screw).

(understanding that every non-trivial software will have some combination of features that will interfere with each other… just not enjoying some of the unfortunate side-effects of those unintended interactions)

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I’ve lost numerous great incense spawns because of this. For some reason Incense and Route spawns spawn on spawn points as much as possible, have both of them on simultaneously and you’ll have one big cluster of things inside one spawn point. Even worse, if a route spawn and an Incense spawn spawn on the same spawn point the Incense spawn is a guaranteed loss because you cannot quick catch route spawns to make them disappear. This has been a thing for ages though, at this point I doubt Niantic is even considering doing something about it anymore.