The Gen IV section is outdated

No one has posted in the Gen IV section since 2019. We’ve moved on from that generation and newcomers may think we’re dead and don’t bother to sign up as such.

May I suggest instead we get some or all of the following?

Gen VI - Kalos
Gen VII -Alola
Gen VIII - Galar

This would make it much more relevant to what people are doing today.

Under Gen VI, we can discuss not only that generation, but also mega evolution, plus other stuff.

Under Gen VII, we can discuss alolan forms, alolan species and Z-moves

Under Gen VIII, we can discuss galarian forms, galarian species, gigantamaxing/dynamaxing.

All up, this could help get the forum going again.

As long as the forum is without an Admin, there’s little we can do, but we’ll certainly keep this in mind, it’s a good idea in my opinion.